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New Glass Hookah From Vapor: The B-52!

New Glass Hookah From Vapor: The B-52!

By Amir / April 29, 2024
The Bomb Has Detonated. Vapor Hookahs is already blowing everyone away with their line of glass hookahs, but now they're about to blow them up!! Vapor is releasing their new B-52 Glass Hookah inspired by one of the most bada$$ planes to ever soar the sky. Glass B-52 Glass hookah from Vapor Hookah Available at South Smoke

Unique Hookah Style

This bomber hookah has a lot of never before seen features and a style that will blow your mind. Shaped as a mushroom cloud, the 23" tall B-52 hookah features a ribbed bottom portion that expands where the hoses insert to draw some heavy clouds through the silicone hoses. The B-52 hookah has 2 hose capability making it a good group hookah for friends and family. At the end of the hose is a custom shaped Symphony Glass handle that is ridged to support your grip and add comfort. The contemporary style makes it an eye catching piece that people will be dying to experience. There's something mesmerizing about creating your own mushroom cloud in a clear 5mm Pyrex (scientific) glass hookah.

Easy To Clean Glass Hookah

Since the B-52 Hookah is 100% glass it's a breeze to clean and has no rust issues or gross rubber grommets to deal with. sells hookah cleaner specifically designed for glass hookahs and glass accessories that will make them look brand new. Packed in a heavy duty retail style box the B-52 hookah comes stuffed with Styrofoam compartments to keep all of your B-52 parts organized and safe from breakage. The box doubles as a carrying case with a built in handle so you never have to leave your hookah behind.

LED Base Lighting

At the bottom of the mushroom cloud is an insert to support the Vapor Hookahs' remote controlled LED rechargeable light base. Involving the LED light base in your session not only lights up your clear glass hookah but lights up envy in the surrounding peoples' eyes! If you're ready to see the light give us a call at 1-888-577-6653.

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