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What Did We Think of the New Charco Flare XL Coals?

What Did We Think of the New Charco Flare XL Coals?

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Charco Flare XL Hookah Coals Review

Recently, we started carrying Charco Flare’s newest product: the XL cubes. I was excited to test these new coconut hookah coals to see for myself if they maintained similar quality to Charco Flare’s past products. As usual, I was blown away by the quality.

Charco Flare XL Size

These hookah charcoal cubes are about 2mm larger than the usual cubes from Charco Flare, which are 25 mm and these are 27 mm. They are definitely extra-large and perfectly shaped for easy use. Each box comes with 54 cubes and weighs approximately 1kg, which could last a while, depending on how often you smoke. RELATED - Keepin’ it lit with Charco Flare Coconut Charcoals! Charco Flare XL hookah coals These shisha coals are non-quick lighting, odorless, tasteless, and lasted me through a full hour session. I only needed two coals, out of preference, but three would also work if that’s what you like. They maintain heat beautifully and aided in a perfect smoke session.

How Well Did Charco Flare XL Burn?

I decided to test out these XL coals with one of our new flavors from Zomo Tobacco: Zomo Blue Caribbean. The coals did not negatively impact my flavor at all. All I could taste were the Zomo Blue Caribbean flavors of pineapple, coconut, mango and guava with hint of mint on the exhale. So these coals are perfect for you if you really enjoy tasting your flavored shisha. Added Bonus - Charco Flare makes these hookah coals using all-natural coconut husks, so there are no worries about deforestation with these, which I love.

Charco Flare XL Hookah Coals Review - Summary

In the end, I experienced minimal ashing from these hookah coals. If you are not used to non-quick lighting coals, these must be lit using an electric stove or open flame. Lighters simply won’t do the trick. But non-quick lighting coals have their benefits with no added chemicals or possible taste that could mess up a smoke session (although there are some amazing quick lighting coals that do not add any unwelcome flavor on the market, many of which can be found on our website). Overall, these coals are definitely worth it. They are also extremely affordable at $8.99 a box. Pick some up for yourself!

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