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Natural Hookah Charcoal vs. Quick Light Hookah Charcoal

Natural Hookah Charcoal vs. Quick Light Hookah Charcoal

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Natural Charcoal vs Quick Light Charcoal Hookah Blog Title

The Right Hookah Charcoal for a Quality Session

Hookah charcoal plays a massive role in the quality of a hookah session. The hookah coals you choose to light up can affect many aspects of your smoking experience. The longevity, taste and cloud output of your session can all rely on what your hookah charcoals are made of. Your health may even be of concern when choosing your next box of coals. We compare natural charcoal with traditional quick light charcoal to help you decide moving forward.

Natural Charcoal vs. Quick Light Charcoal

While each type of hookah charcoal has its place in hookah, as you’ll see, the benefits are heavily weighted to the side of natural coconut charcoal. As hookah grows in the western world, the movement to natural hookah coals becomes more widespread. Quick light charcoal may be more convenient and light up faster but faster isn’t always better. The perks of natural coals include longer sessions with better heat distribution, no nasty odor or taste affecting your tobacco and a cleaner smoke because of the absence of accelerants found in quick lights. Enjoy more of your flavored shisha and less of your charcoal with natural coconut coals. Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal Flame

What is Natural Hookah Charcoal?

Natural hookah charcoal is made up of natural ingredients, as stated in the name. Usually, compressed coconut shell but they can also be manufactured using bamboo, orangewood and lemonwood. While they may take longer to light, generally 6-10 minutes on an electric coal burner, they stay lit longer as well! Well over double the time your average quick light charcoal will last. In turn, you use fewer coals and your inventory lasts longer. Natural hookah coals burn at a steadier pace too, providing stable heat to your shisha throughout a session. Being compressed natural ingredients, they also ash less which equals less mess! Experiment with the different shapes and sizes available to find the heat that works best for you. Quick-Light Hookah Charcoal on Hookah Bowl

What is Quick Light Hookah Charcoal?

Quick light coals are exactly what they sound like. Hookah charcoal that can be lit quickly. Sometimes in as little as 30 seconds with a torch or lighter. Using benzene (a very flammable chemical) as an accelerant, quick light charcoal can come in handy when smoking outdoors or traveling. Be sure to fully light the coal to burn off all flammable materials before smoking as the chemicals can release carbon monoxide. When lit correctly, quick light coals can produce a convenient, enjoyable hookah session. Natural Wood Hookah Charcoal on Hookah Bowl

Where to Buy Hookah Coals

Now that you know how charcoal is made, how to light hookah coals and the pros and cons associated with each type, it’s time to choose what works best for you. All of the best hookah coals can be found at! Natural charcoal brands like CocoVapor, CocoNara Coal, CocoUrth and Charco Flare. Or for the convenience, choose quick light brands such as Three Kings Charcoal, Flash Charcoal, Crown or Miraculum Coal. The options are endless, make the right charcoal choice for you!

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