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National Red Rose Day - Rose Hookah Flavors

National Red Rose Day - Rose Hookah Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Symbol of Love

An international symbol of romance, the red rose can be used to profess your love in many ways. Place rose petals in a glass of champagne for a bubbly toast, surprise your significant other with a single red rose with petals in full bloom, or garnish a romantic dessert. My personal favorite, create a trail of rose petals directed towards the most beautiful hookah setup filled with rose hookah flavors! National Day Red Roses in glass vase

In Full Bloom

As we celebrate National Red Rose Day on June 12th with a hookah bowl full of rose, let’s see why this day came to be. Red roses, as well as roses of other colors, have been used in many cultures for wedding decorations including ceremonies and attire throughout the past. Through this tradition, the rose has become a symbol of love and romance. To this day, the rose is given to send a message of love on days such as Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. But why does the National Day fall in June? Because red roses are blooming all across America this time of year. While the lovely floral scent fills the air around the country, let’s fill our hookah session with it as well!

The Taste of Rose Hookah Flavors

Botanical is a fancy way to say it. Natural, earthy but sweet and soft. Rose is a delicate taste and gives a feel of sophistication to any hookah session. Somewhat exotic and well rounded, rose-flavored tobacco usually provides a smooth smoke that will release a sort of calm energy. Floral flavors mix very well with fruit hookah shisha. They greatly compliment the sweet and tangy fruit with their soft feel.

Top Rose Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Al-Fakher Tobacco

Rose - Sweet rose, a soft floral shisha that doesn’t overpower your taste buds. The aroma will fill the room with a fresh garden smell. National Day Red Rose Blog Azure Tobacco in snow

Azure Tobacco

Winter Rose – A well-blended mix of cooling mint and floral rose. This hookah flavor starts with a bold, pungent rose taste and mellows out with a cooling throat feel.

Starbuzz Tobacco

Rose – A stronger rose shisha flavor. An intense floral hookah session that will take over your hookah bowl. Will typically overpower other flavors when mixed. National Day Red Rose Blog Starbuzz Tobacco and rose on white table Starbuzz Bold Lady In Red – Our first rose mix. The hookah flavor profile says sweet rose and spicy cinnamon. A floral dessert sort of blend. Starbuzz Serpent Shishi – If you are a dark tobacco fan and are looking for a little more buzz, this fruit and rose mix will hit the spot. A soft floral note on banana and blueberry. National Day Red Rose Blog Trifecta Tobacco and roses on black table

Trifecta Tobacco

Nawar – Rose, jasmine and lavender. An overall floral blend that is very refreshing to smoke. Another relaxing and mellow hookah session. Fill the air with love and hookah smoke this National Red Rose Day with rose flavored hookah tobacco from!

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