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National Day - Raspberry Tart Shisha Flavors

National Day - Raspberry Tart Shisha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Love or Hate, Sweet and Sour Shisha Flavors

Raspberries can be a love, hate relationship. Love the taste, sweet, sour and tart, but hate the seeds getting stuck in your teeth. Amazing desserts like raspberry tart, the tasty pastry this National Day is named for can only be made with this yummy fruit. But, having to keep the toothpicks handy for immediately after is a hassle. My vote, worth it! Celebrate with raspberry shisha flavors. Raspberries are so refreshing. A sweet fruity flavor with a sour kick. If you love the tart flavor of raspberries but hate digging the seeds out of your molars, try these raspberry flavored hookah tobacco blends! Stock up and prepare for May 3rd, National Raspberry Tart Day.

Raspberry Blonde Shisha Flavors

Where the flavors truly shine, blonde leaf hookah tobacco tends to have fruitier blends and a lighter buzz. Juicy hookah sessions where the sour and tart raspberry flavor can stand out. These raspberry shisha flavors will have you celebrating National Raspberry Tart Day all year! Raspberry Pastry Dessert National Day logo

Starbuzz Premium Tobacco – Raspberry

Starbuzz Tobacco’s version of raspberry is a fresh, juicy natural raspberry flavor. Much like raspberry juice on your tongue. Strong flavor with mixes of sweet and sour. Starbuzz is known for its fruity flavors and this is another favorite. Pack it in your favorite phunnel bowl for an optimal hookah session!

Azure Gold Line

Raspberry seems to be a theme in Azure Tobacco’s hookah flavors. A handful to choose from starting with BerryMania. This mixed fruit blend with raspberry, blueberry and blackberry is a staple flavor in hookah. Cosmos mixes grapefruit and natural raspberry for a wonderful sweet and sour combination. Even with these amazing hookah flavors, Moscow Never Sleeps may be my favorite from Azure’s Gold Line. A beautiful cocktail blend, this mix of raspberry, lime and mint will have you wishing your hookah session lasted all night.

Dark Leaf Raspberry Shisha Flavors

If you’re looking for a tart raspberry hookah blend with a little more buzz, try these dark leaf hookah tobacco flavors. Dark leaf tobacco means a heavier flavor profile and stronger nicotine buzz. Raspberries falling out of glass cup National Day logo

Azure Black Line

There are several different choices for those raspberry lovers in Azure Tobacco’s Black Line. Sharing BerryMania and Cosmos with the Gold Line, the flavor that stands out is San Diego Sunset. A creamy, sour raspberry with mixed spices. A dessert flavor that is perfect for National Raspberry Tart Day! Royal Raspberry is another can’t miss flavored hookah tobacco. Natural raspberry picked straight from the bush. My advice, try them all!

Trifecta Dark Blend - Raspberry

A popular choice from Trifecta Hookah Tobacco and for good reason. This raspberry holds true to its profile and won’t disappoint. Trifecta’s dark leaf comes with stronger tobacco notes and higher nicotine levels but you still get that sour fruit profile of natural raspberry. Maybe a better choice for those hookah enthusiasts out there. Prepare your hookah shelf for National Raspberry Tart Day on May 3rd with shisha flavors from

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