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National Cherry Cobbler Day - Cherry Hookah Flavors

National Cherry Cobbler Day - Cherry Hookah Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Never Skip Dessert

Cherry pie, cherry cheesecake, cherry turnovers or a lone cherry on top of a milky bowl of vanilla ice cream. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is. Never skip dessert, that’s my motto. With all of these wonderful cherry options, how could you? Now you can have dessert shisha with cherry hookah flavors!

American Ingenuity

National Cherry Cobbler Day is around the corner on May 17th but we won’t narrow it down to just this one dessert. We are here to celebrate everything cherry! I mean, cherry cobbler was only created because of a lack of ingredients for traditional desserts. Early American settlers improvised by covering stewed fillings with uncooked biscuits or dumplings to create the cherry concoction. Not that I’m complaining, it’s one of my favorites. But, since it was a happy accident, I figured we could cherish all things cherry including cherry flavored hookah tobacco!

Cherry Cobbler Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Mon Cherry Vanilla Sky


In my opinion, cherry flavored hookah tobacco is much underrated and needs to be talked about more. When is the last time you enjoyed a cherry filled hookah session? Ever? Did you even know they made tobacco with the sweet but tart mix of cherry? If you really look, you’ll find that almost every major hookah tobacco brand has a couple cherry blends mixed into their hookah flavors lineup. Some may be hiding in plain sight as cherry isn’t in the flavor name. See Cairo Crypt Tonight from Azure… a simple cherry mint flavor that will rock your world. I’ve compiled some of my favorite cherry hookah tobacco for your viewing pleasure. Take your pick or try them all, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s have a look.

Top Cherry Hookah Flavors

Haze Hookah Tobacco Beat The Heat Cherry Limeade Glasses

Azure Hookah Tobacco

Cherry Muffin – A sweet, pastry, cherry dessert blend. Very smooth with the sweet cherry and Azure’s intricate muffin blend. Much like the famous Blueberry Muffin. Cairo Crypt Tonight – Take that tart, natural cherry and add some cooling mint! An icy feel that gives you a cool hookah session throughout. The mint really compliments cherry well, this flavor is spectacular all on its own. These Cherry Azure flavors are included in both the Gold and Black Lines.

Fantasia Hookah Tobacco

Cherry Cola – Kind of a candied cherry and Coke. Sweet soda taste with the cherry to set it off. Maybe mix some Vanilla Sky for a cherry Coke float situation? Mon Cherry – Think of the cherry lollipop you get after a doctor’s visit as a kid to celebrate being a good patient. Now treat yourself for getting through the workday with this candied cherry flavored tobacco.

Mazaya Hookah Tobacco Cherry with Gum Bowl of Cherries

Mazaya Hookah Tobacco

Gum with Cherry – A unique flavor only available from Mazaya. A spearmint type gum with a sweet cooling effect and natural cherry added. Sweet and fruity with a gum taste and menthol feel.

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco

Cherry Berry – Prominent cherry with other mix berries. Mix this with Trifecta Vanilla for a fruity bowl of ice cream and a cherry on top. Ruby – This hookah flavor blend uses spicy cinnamon paired with cherry, red berries and maybe a little melon. Could be a dessert flavor, could be a fruit blend with a spicy kick. You decide. Enjoy one or all of these flavors from and also check out some of our new Hookahs in stock. Several new models of Khalil Mamoons and colorful Vapor Hookahs to choose from and really stand out from the crowd. Anyways, happy National Cherry Cobbler Day and remember never skip dessert.

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