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National Banana Cream Pie Day - Banana Shisha Flavors

National Banana Cream Pie Day - Banana Shisha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Celebrate National Banana Cream Pie Day with Banana Shisha Flavors

Yum! Sorry, don’t mind me while I salivate over the thought of delicious banana cream pie. So creamy, fruity and fluffy all at the same time. The perfect dessert to any meal or just as good for breakfast! On this National Day, while you eat your savory slice of banana cream pie, pick up one of many banana shisha flavors. There are more to try than you think. Some straight up banana flavored tobacco and others that fit the national day perfectly like banana milkshake shisha or bananas foster. Just like banana cream pie, these banana hookah flavors mix well with chocolate and peanut butter as well. Celebrate with us at and try your hand at our top banana flavored hookah shisha below!

Banana Cream Pie – National Day History Lesson

Before we dive into the deliciousness that is banana flavored shisha, let’s look into the history of banana cream pie and its national day. Once an exotic fruit, bananas became more accessible around the end of the 19th century with advancements in transportation. The popular pie was soon to follow. Banana cream pie’s claim to fame is the award of favorite dessert for the armed forces in the 1950s! Originating from the classic custard pie, banana cream uses a creamy vanilla custard, sliced bananas, fresh whipped cream and a graham cracker crust. Many variations can now be found with added tastes like cinnamon, peanut butter and chocolate shavings! Anyways… now on to what we are here for, banana shisha!

Banana Shisha Flavors

Many top tobacco brands have a banana flavored hookah tobacco hidden in their list of flavors, without you even knowing! Each with its own slight variation to the fruity banana taste. Some have a more candy-like banana flavor while others are more natural. You’ll find creamy banana milkshakes from the Starbuzz Bold Tobacco line or caramel bananas foster from Fantasia Hookah. No matter how you like your bananas, you are sure to find a shisha tobacco flavor to match your tastes. Banana flavored shisha Al-fakher Tobacco and Trifecta bonafide Hookah shisha next to banana cream pie, bananas and cream

Al-Fakher Tobacco – Banana

Sweet, tropical banana comes through in this full flavor from Al-Fakher Hookah. Strong banana smell and taste throughout your hookah session. The most straight forward banana shisha on the market. Great to mix with just about anything including blueberry, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, take your pick!

Fantasia Tobacco – Bananas Foster

Our first banana mix! Fantasia Tobacco brings us this caramel banana dessert mix. The subtle natural taste of banana is accompanied by vanilla, caramel and maybe a little rum. If you like the real bananas foster, you’ll love this. A New Orleans favorite. Haze Hookah Bananarama shisha tobacco and banana cream pie

Haze Tobacco – Bananarama

Haze Hookah may have made Bananarama specifically for this national day. The banana bread pudding flavor fits the occasion perfectly! Fresh, natural banana with a mix of graham cracker crust and custard. Sound familiar? Rivaled only by grandma’s pie, this banana shisha won’t disappoint.

Starbuzz Bold Tobacco – Banana Milkshake

Another creamy banana hookah flavor but this time it’s blended into a milkshake! Part of the Starbuzz Bold Tobacco line, banana milkshake is exactly that, a refreshing blended shake with a sweet banana taste. I think this one is more on the candy banana side but I’ll let you decide. Fantasia Tobacco and Starbuzz Serpent banana flavored hookah and banana cream pie

Starbuzz Serpent Tobacco – Sin City

Let’s take banana to the dark side. Starbuzz Serpent Shisha is premium dark leaf tobacco but they still know how to bring out the sweet banana flavor. Sin City is another single note natural banana flavor but with the dark leaf tobacco notes in the background. Made for more veteran hookah smokers that have a tolerance for the higher nicotine levels and slightly harsher hit.

Trifecta Tobacco – Bona Fide

Trifecta Hookah does it again with Bona Fide! A creamy banana milkshake flavor with a slight candied banana taste at the end. A good mix of natural and candy banana. Check out the write up on the Bona Fide flavor profile here. Have you already filled your cart with these wonderful banana hookah shisha flavors? If not, what are you waiting for?! Don’t miss out on the Banana Cream Pie National Day celebration with banana flavors from the top flavored tobacco brands in the industry. All on the shells at SouthSmoke.

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