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Top Three Apple Hookah Flavors for National Apple Tree Day

Top Three Apple Hookah Flavors for National Apple Tree Day

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Top Three Apple Hookah Flavors for National Apple Tree Day

An apple-packed hookah bowl a day keeps the doctor away! We’re kidding, we’re kidding, but the flavor packed punch of apple shisha is no joke! In honor of National Apple Tree Day, we’re bringing you a review of our Top Three Best Apple Hookah Flavors so you can try them out for yourself.

History of National Apple Tree Day

Apples are some of the most famous fruits worldwide and in North America they are often ubiquitous with the idea of fresh, delicious fruits. There are several national holidays in honor of these juicy, flavor-packed fruits, including the one we’re learning about today: National Apple Tree Day! Surprisingly, the apple tree hails from the same plant family as the rose! For those of you who are Latin enthusiasts, that’s the Malus Sieversii, a tree still grown today. That tree originated in Central Asia and through trade, apples made their way to Europe where they flourished. European colonists brought their prized apple trees with them when they traveled to North America in the 17th century and it’s now believed that apple trees were some of the oldest transplanted fruits to be cultivated in the United States. Apples have taken a journey across the globe and deserve to be celebrated! Apple Tree Day itself started as a way to recognize one of the oldest known apple trees as it reached its 200th birthday, but today it has become a celebration of the apple itself!

History of Apples and Hookah

Two Apples or Double Apple flavors are some of the most popular shisha flavors in the world. It’s a traditional hookah flavor that dates back far in the history of hookah and is well loved to this day. Typically Two Apples and Double Apples flavors are known for their earthy anise and strong black licorice tastes. Every brand does it differently. Double Apple is prized by many long time smokers and often brings back memories of their early days of hookah.

Our Top Three Apple Hookah Flavors

Apple Hookah Flavors Blog Al Fakher

Al-Fakher Tobacco – Two Apples

Al Fakher shisha tobacco is one of the best known names in hookah and Two Apples (aka Double Apple) is one of their most popular flavors. Many hookah enthusiasts consider Al Fakher Two Apples to be the closest thing to a “true” traditional Double Apple flavor on the market today. This is a hookah tobacco classic loved by hookah enthusiasts across the globe. Traditionally, apple shishas have a strong black licorice flavor but Al Fakher Two Apples concentrates more on the bold sweetness of the fruit. Al Fakher’s Two Apples shisha gives apple lovers a much stronger apple flavor than its regular Apple shisha and its added sweetness can satisfy the cravings of any sweet-tooth. This smooth, sweet ode to the apple packs some serious flavor and makes a great addition to any fruit mix! Al Fakher Two Apples — as well as their regular Apple and Two Apples with Mint flavors—come in 50g sample boxes, 250g tobacco containers, and 1kg tubs. Apple Hookah Flavors Blog Starbuzz Apple Doppio

Starbuzz Bold Tobacco – Apple Doppio

With its Apple Doppio flavor, Starbuzz Tobacco offers a unique and bold take on the classic Double Apple flavor for a more modern audience. The anise and licorice flavors are prominent, but they’re well balanced with the sweetness of red and green apples that gives it a mellow, smooth taste. Apple Doppio hails from Starbuzz’s Bold line of flavored shishas and it definitely lives up to its name! Starbuzz also promises that this particular flavor produces exceptionally dense, delicious clouds that pack a robust punch. Starbuzz Apple Doppio comes in both 100g and 250g tobacco cans. Mazaya Two Apples Bahraini Hookah Flavor

Mazaya Tobacco – Two Apples Bahraini

Mazaya takes on another twist on the classic Double Apple with their Two Apples Bahraini flavor. This fruity, fresh shisha flavor will make you feel like you’re sitting under an apple tree, biting into a crisp, juicy apple. The burst of tart sweetness is balanced out by the strong apple flavor and just a hint of anise. Mazaya Two Apple Bahraini has a natural, fresh flavor that stays true to the essence of the fruit without a heavy black licorice flavor that some find overpowering. This flavored shisha gives you a natural and pure apple taste with sweet notes and warm finish. Add a hint of mint to your mix if you’re looking for that cool, icy exhale. This flavor comes in 50g, 250g, and 1kg tobacco boxes. All of these delicious, juicy Apple flavors can be found on the shelves here at! Spring will seem to come early when you stock up on these sweet, crisp shisha flavors!

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