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Mya Saray Hookahs - New Premium Shisha Pipes

Mya Saray Hookahs - New Premium Shisha Pipes

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Exquisite Quality – Mya Saray Hookahs

By now, you’ve heard of Mya Saray Hookahs. Most hookah enthusiasts began their shisha obsession with a small hookah pipe from Mya. Many still have an exotic Bohemian crystal Mya Saray in their hookah rotation. Unique, high quality shisha pipes for hookah smokers from beginner level to shisha masters for over 40 years! Find anything from simple, small hookahs in protective wireframe baskets to towering modern works of art. Mya Hookah is a world-leader in the design and manufacturing of narguiles and is committed to building beautiful, functional hookah smoking devices. The only hookah company making real crystal vases, mouth-blown, and hand-cut for a unique look. And, the only hookah manufacturer to use the beautiful overlay crystal, a process of crystal glass fused with colored crystal and refined with diamond wheels for timeless beauty. Mya Saray Hookahs New Premium Shisha Pipes with man smoking shisha.

New Mya Saray Hookahs at

If you haven’t looked into a Mya Saray Hookah in a while, now is the time. New modern hookah models are being released on the regular and SouthSmoke has the best of them! Let’s check out what’s new from the Mya brand. Mya Saray Chico Portable Hookahs in a cage - 3 mya saray hookahs

Mya Chico Hookah

This table-top hookah features a colorful thick plastic stem atop a creatively geometric crystal glass base. Notice the fused color within the vase that we mentioned before in many of the colorways. The Mya Chico is a simple single hose shisha pipe that comes with a matching washable Mya hookah hose. Available with or without the metal cage that provides safe storage and easy carrying as well as stable hookah sessions. Mya Saray Bacci Hookah and woman holding a hookah hose

Mya Bacci Hookah

Looking for even more portability? The Mya Bacci is a compact hookah at 12 inches tall making it great for shisha sessions just about anywhere. Intricate designs on the colorful crystal glass vases provide a sense of sophistication and the stem comes in silver or anodized matte black for a more modern look. Each vase is paired with a matching Mya hose and porcelain hookah bowl.

Mya Cosmo 148

Simple, sleek, and modern, the Mya Cosmo 148 Hookah has a stick style, stainless steel stem. Each colorful anodized stem is accompanied by a silicone hookah hose and contemporary style aluminum hose handle. Not to mention the clear bohemian glass genie style vase. The screw-on base makes for stable shisha sessions and an airtight smoke. Mya Saray Cosmo 148 and Intenso 147 Hookahs in bright living room space

Mya Intenso 147

Another modern stick style hookah from Mya Saray. The Intenso 147 is very similar to the Cosmo with a slightly different heart shape and smooth, sleek stem. Also available in a variety of colors including red, green, blue, and black.

Budget Friendly Econo Mya Hookahs

Econo Mya Hookah offers you all of the superior style and craftsmanship expected from Mya Saray but at a budget-friendly price. Made with quality, durable materials, and hookah parts, these affordable hookahs allow you to experience an enjoyable smoke in style all while paying less. Perfect hookahs for those seeking a first hookah to learn the craft, or hookah enthusiasts who smoke on the move. Econo Mya Hookahs are smaller pipes that work great for travel. Econo Mya is still part of the Mya Saray brand and the essence of Mya Hookahs’ premium line. Rest assured, you’re purchasing quality. Find all of the latest Mya Saray and Econo Mya Hookahs at the #1 online hookah store,!

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