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Mya Saray Hookah - Best Mya Hookahs

Mya Saray Hookah - Best Mya Hookahs

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Superior Quality, Timeless Beauty, and Tailored Designs – Mya Saray

The renowned brand of Mya Saray has been creating unique, top quality hookahs to please hookah enthusiasts for over 40 years! From basic, small hookahs in easy-carry wireframe baskets that are great for beginners or for those buying their first hookah to exquisitely exotic bohemian crystal shisha pipes. Mya Hookah is a world-leader in the design and manufacturing of narguiles and is committed to building beautiful, functional hookah smoking devices. The only hookah company making real crystal vases, mouth-blown, and hand-cut for a unique look. To add to that, the only hookah manufacturer to use the beautiful overlay crystal, a process of crystal glass fused with colored crystal and refined with diamond wheels for timeless beauty. People Smoking Mya Saray Hookahs Mya Saray takes inspiration from the artistic traditions of the Ottoman Empire, today’s American pop culture, and everything in between. You are sure to find a pipe that fits your style. Large hookahs to show off at a social event or small and compact hookahs to bring to the park or pool and all expertly crafted. The ease of use and cleaning is just another added benefit. All pieces of Mya Hookahs are detachable for simple maintenance and repair or replacement. Make your next hookah a Mya Saray Hookah. Woman Smoking Crystal Mya Hookah

Econo Mya Hookahs

A second line from Mya Saray for those that are budget conscious, Econo Mya Hookah offers you all of the superior style and craftsmanship expected from Mya Saray but at a wallet-friendly price. Made from quality, durable materials, and hookah parts, these affordable hookahs allow you to experience an enjoyable smoke in style while paying less. Perfect hookahs for those seeking a first hookah to learn the craft, or hookah enthusiasts who smoke on the move. Econo Mya Hookahs are smaller pipes that work great for travel. Easy to pack up, they fit in almost any luggage and can be taken to parties, campsites, and the beach with ease. You are still buying the Mya brand and the essence of Mya Hookahs' premium line so you know you are purchasing quality.

Popular Mya Saray Hookahs

Among the long list of great Mya Saray Hookahs, a few stand out as favorites of shisha smokers around the world. Here are some of our bestselling Mya Hookahs in no particular order: Mya Bijou Hookah

Mya Bijou

The Mya Saray Bijou hookah stands at only 9 inches tall. A perfectly portable size so you can take it just about anywhere. Maybe that’s the reason people love it so much. Or, it could be that the Bijou combines a classic style with a small and durable shape in many eye-catching colors! The colorful crystal glass vase is paired with a black coated metal stem which really helps the vase and matching hookah hose pop. A great traveling hookah companion that is two-hose capable and produces a quality smoke!

Mya QT

If you know Mya Saray Hookahs, you know of the Mya QT. By far the most popular pipe from Mya and a long-standing favorite for shisha beginners and veterans alike. A simple and sleek narguile that also works well for travel or just a relaxing hookah session at home. Durable materials create a subtle design with several bright colored vases and matching Mya hookah hoses to choose from. The embossed crystal glass vase is the real MVP. Another 2-hose capable hookah ideal for any smoking situation.

Mya Lindo

A newer Mya Hookah, the Mya Lindo carries a more modern look with a uniquely shaped crystal glass vase. This pipe sells out repeatedly and for good reason. A small smoking pipe with 2 hose capabilities and ease of cleaning due to every hookah part being removable. Choose from a number of vivid colors and get to smoking with your friends wherever you choose to.

New Mya Hookahs at

A recent shipment of Mya Saray pipes has brought SouthSmoke a pair of new narguiles. Welcome the Mya Aiko and Mya Pia Hookahs.

Mya Aiko

MX Function Technology, that’s all you need to know. The Mya Aiko is the first Mya Hookah at SouthSmoke with the new tech and we couldn’t be happier. Enjoy more control over your purge valve and easily clear harsh, stale smoke from your hookah vase. Along with the all-new stainless steel down stem, you get a beautiful crystal glass vase and matte black stem for an altogether modern, high functioning hookah. New Mya Hookahs Aiko Pia

Mya Pia

The latest table-top hookah from Mya Saray, the Mya Pia is a compact 12 inches tall. A very sturdy circular ribbed vase comes in many classy colors and you know the Mya hose is going to match. The anodized matte black steel stem adds some modern flair and Mya hose adapters allow you to add an additional hookah hose to share. Sounds like the Pia could be your next Mya Hookah purchase. Your #1 Online Hookah Store for Mya Hookahs & Hookah Accessories

You already know the best place to buy Mya Saray Hookahs,! And don’t forget the wide variety of Mya hookah accessories and hookah parts while you are there. Mya Saray offers complete customization of hookah parts and accessories that let you personalize your pipe to fit your style. Find hookah wind covers, tongs, cases, and hoses. Mya’s hookah accessory line offers a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

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