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Must-Have Hookah Supplies on a Desert Island

Must-Have Hookah Supplies on a Desert Island

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Desert Island Essential Hookah Supplies

We're back with some of our favorite must-have hookah supplies, but this time, it's Desert Island Edition. What if you found yourself on a deserted island with no electricity and none of the modern comforts we take for granted in our day to day life? These must-have hookah supplies will ensure that you are ready for a session any time, any place.

A Durable Acrylic Hookah

Having an acrylic hookah on hand is key when venturing out into the tropics. I mean, can you imagine trying to maintain a glass hookah on a deserted island? Acrylic hookahs are much more durable making them the perfect match for an island adventure. offers many acrylic options from Vapor Hookah, Mazaya Hookah, and more! Check out the Vapor Leah for a smaller option that is easy to travel with, or the Mazaya Acrylic Hookah if you’re looking for something a bit taller. With so many great acrylic hookahs to choose from, SouthSmoke has you covered in even the most unexpected circumstances.

Hookah Tobacco You Can't Live Without

We all have our favorite flavors of hookah tobacco, but what flavors would you bring for a session on a deserted island? Let’s start with Adalya Tobacco and their delicious Hawaii flavor. This mix of mango and pineapple has just enough mint to cool you off in the hot island sun. Another flavor from Adalya that is tasty enough to make you forget you’re stranded is their top-selling Love 66. This unique blend of honeydew melon, watermelon, tropical passion fruit and a hint of refreshing mint is the perfect flavor for any occasion! We can’t forget about Mazaya Tobacco and their top tier flavors. My personal favorite from the Mazaya lineup is Ruby Crush. This chilling raspberry ice flavor comes with me everywhere, and it would be at the top of my list for a trip to a deserted island! Next up is their refreshing Mojito flavor, because nothing is more perfect while you’re lying on the beach. Last but not least, the Mazaya Iced Flavors are a necessity to cool you down when you’re done exploring that deserted island!

Hookah Charcoal

I’m packing my Three Kings Charcoal for this trip to the islands. No electricity? No problem! These quick lighting coals are a hassle-free option that will save you in a pinch. Just grab a lighter, build a small fire, or even use a magnifying glass to conveniently light your coals and get your session started. SouthSmoke has many quick lighting charcoal brands to choose from, so take a minute to explore before choosing the coals for your list. Three Kings Charcoal, Starbuzz Quick Light Coals, Coconara Quicklight Charcoal, and many more can help you make this island set up a reality.

Hookah Wind Cover

A wind cover is a very important hookah accessory for any outdoor session, especially a session on the beach! offers a variety of wind covers to protect your coals from that ocean breeze including the simple and classy celestial themed silver Star Hookah Cover or the ornate Khalil Mamoon Quad Metal Wind Cover with beautiful Egyptian-style designs and excellent heat management. No matter what your budget, style, or preference, we’ve got a wind cover to suit your needs and keep your coals protected. Last But Not Least: Hookah Accessories There are just a few more essentials you’ll need to pack to prepare for the perfect island hookah setup: Your favorite hookah foil. Whether you prefer pre-punched, pre-cut, or standard foils, has you covered! Our favorite is definitely the trusty, easy-to-use Vapor HookahsPre-Cut Round Hookah aluminum foils that give you an excellent session without any of the harsh non-stick chemicals that can be found in household kitchen foil! Last but not least, don’t forget your favorite set of tongs to ensure that you can handle your coals with ease during this tropical adventure. Now that you’ve got your list together, it’s time to plan the trip of your dreams. Comment below and tell us where you and your hookah are traveling next!

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