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Must Have Hookah Accessories 2020

Must Have Hookah Accessories 2020

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Best Hookah Accessories in 2020 - Free Promos!

Upgrading your shisha pipe with hookah accessories and parts to make it your own is quite fun. Like buying sweet wheels for your car or décor for the kitchen, it adds flair to your hookah. Customizations that better your shisha experience and make your pipe unique. Create something that you are pumped to smoke and a piece you are excited to show off to friends. SouthSmoke has created a short list of our favorite hookah accessories this year. Some were released in 2020, some before, but all are must-haves moving forward. In our humble opinion, of course. Fumari Tobacco Alpaca Rook Hookah Bowl - hand holding hookah bowl packed with shisha

Fumari Alpaca Rook & Mini Rook Hookah Bowl

Performance phunnel hookah bowls with a unique castle style spire in two sizes and 4 colorways! A modern phunnel bowl that keeps hookah shisha juices inside. Premium clay bowls that provide optimal shisha flavor, extended smoking longevity, and an awesome look on top of your pipe. The Alpaca Rook Bowl and Mini Rook use innovative notches in the center spire to create better airflow with less foil drag. The Alpaca Rook is a little larger and holds more shisha tobacco, around 15-20 grams. Great for modern, blonde tobacco that needs a normal to fluff packing method. The shisha saver Mini Rook is a bit smaller, holding 8-15 grams. Great for shorter solo hookah sessions with your favorite blonde hookah flavors or premium dark leaf tobacco sessions. The Fumari Tobacco collaboration with Alpaca brings four awesome paint drip colorways to choose from. Apple On Top Provost Hookah HMD - apple on top heat management device up close

AOT Provost Heat Management Device

The top-performing and best-selling hookah heat management device on the market is a must-have hookah accessory in 2020. If you want the most out of your shisha tobacco, the Apple On Top Provost HMD is the way to go. Some small alterations to the design this year have improved airflow and adjustability. Now with even more control over your hookah charcoal. Designed to work with the Apple On Top Hookah Bowl, the Provost also performs well on hookah foil and a phunnel bowl of your choice. Soft-touch silicone handles allow you to customize every hookah session by taking control of heat to your hookah shisha. A premier hookah part at a great price point as well.

Mya Silicone Freeze Hose

First things, first, get a silicone hookah hose. Better shisha flavor taste, no flavor ghosting, and easily washable. Add to those awesome features a cooling effect with the amazing Mya Silicone Freeze Hose! Removable and freezable inserts that cool smoke for a more refreshing and enjoyable hookah session. Give every hookah flavor in your collection an icy chill and make every pull from the pipe smooth as butter. A great benefit when introducing shisha to your newbie friends to reduce smoke harshness. Find the Mya Silicone Freeze hose in several colorways to customize and improve your setup. ATH - Hookah Bowls Phunnel Bowl and hand holding Phunnel Bowl packed with Shisha

ATH Hookah Accessories – Phunnel Style Shisha Bowls

ATH or Adalya Tobacco Hookah is a line of shisha pipes and hookah equipment recently released in America. Premium quality hookah accessories from the Adalya Tobacco brand. The pieces we are going to highlight include three phunnel style hookah bowls handmade with premium quality clay. ATH creates stoneware bowls that allow perfect heat distribution around the bowl and through your favorite hookah shisha. The ATH Traverten, Alamut, DAR-I Hayat, and Arina bowls all feature the phunnel bowl style. Great for modern, juicy shisha brands as it keeps the molasses and juices inside the bowl. This is better than running down your hookah stem. The Traverten, Alamut, and DAR-I Hayat also include a lip to perfectly hold a heat management device to further upgrade your hookah experience. Take advantage of the SouthSmoke Free Arina Bowl promotion now to try these ATH Hookah Products out!

ATH Hookah Mouth Tip

Be a bit extra with the ATH epoxy resin mouth tip. Keep germs to yourself in style when smoking with friends. A cool resin hookah mouthpiece with swirl designs in several colors. Maybe not something essential to every hookah session but still a must-have hookah accessory for style points in our eyes. Pick one up for free with the Free ATH Mouth Tip promo at SouthSmoke right now! ATH Hookah Mouth Tip on keychain and lanyard

Blade Hookah Tongs

High-quality hookah tongs go a long way in making hookah setup and session adjustments easier to manage. The strong aluminum alloy Blade Hookah Tongs from Vapor Hookahs allow you to move hot hookah charcoal safely and in style. Premium flex and non-slip grip with a sleek, modern look. Securely transfer burning coals from burner to bowl with confidence. An essential hookah accessory that also adds flair to your setup.

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The one place to find every hookah part and accessory you will ever need is! All of the latest and greatest upgrades and customizations to your hookah setup. Create something unique and build premium hookah sessions every time.

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