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How to Mix Haze Hookah Tobacco Flavors

How to Mix Haze Hookah Tobacco Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Haze Flavor Mixes

If you are like us here at you’re always looking for new flavored shisha to add to your hookah smoking palette. One of the best ways to create new great shisha flavors is to mix some of your favorite flavored hookah shisha tobaccos together. We got together with the whole crew and came up with some Haze Flavored Tobacco mixes for you to try.

New Flavored Shisha Mixes


If you like a chai latte, vanilla and mint, you are going to love this flavored shisha mash up. We suggest mixing it at a 70/30 ratio; 70 percent Chaitastic and 30 percent What-A-Mint. The spicy chai flavoring mixes wonderfully with the minty vanilla. With one puff you will be transported to your favorite coffee shop sipping on your favorite new drink.


We recommend mixing this one with 70 percent Le’Mint, 20 percent Subzero, and 10 percent Ultimint. You won’t lose any of the powerful mint you’ve come to expect from Ultimint, in fact, you could consider this one of the mintiest mixes you’ll ever taste. The paan in subzero will present an earthy tone to this sweet lemony mix. All three Haze flavors mix well in perfect balance together.

OMG/5 Cents A Cup

Who doesn’t love a nice up of pink lemonade? Have you ever thought about mixing in some blueberry? Mix 60 percent 5 Cents A Cup with 40 Percent OMG for a deliciously sweet mix of flavors we know you’ll love as much as we do.

Oh Boy Explosion/ Hey Man

Everyone knows that mango mixes perfectly with peach. If you mix one 50/50 you’ll fall in love. Oh Boy Explosion presents a spicy sweet peach flavor and Hey Man brings a candy mango flavor to the table. A perfect mix for a warm summer day.

Eve's Temptation/Carnival Nights

This mix will give you a taste of a classic middle-eastern favorite. A wonderful spicy double apple and cardamom mix that is always delicious.

Subzero/Blazen Blue/Peach Cooler

The last mix we are going to offer is a special blend Haze has titled Garbage. Mix Blazen Blue and Peach Cooler evenly at 30 percent each, and add 40 percent of Subzero for the perfect blend of flavors. We aren’t going to give you a description of this one. Try this mix for yourself and taste the magic. We promise you’ll love it as much as we do here at

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