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Mazaya Watermelon

Mazaya Watermelon

By Amir / April 29, 2024
mazaya watermelon shisha

Mazaya Premium Hookah Tobacco

This time of year is absolutely perfect for barbecues, pool parties, and camping. One flavor that always reminds me of these fun events is watermelon. The cool, sweet crunch and bright taste is perfect for cooling down in the heat. Why not bring those fun memories to your smoke session? Mazaya watermelon perfectly captures the sweet delicious taste of everyone’s favorite party fruit, but without the seeds and cutting hassle. Mazaya uses the best French tobacco and makes all of their products using solar energy, perfect for the earth friendly consumer. Ingredients also include pure honey, medical grade glycerin, and food grade natural flavors while containing zero alcohol for the best, healthiest smoke possible. Mazaya watermelon is sweet and bright, like a combination of real watermelon and a watermelon sucker, making it taste almost like a summertime dream or flashback to childhood.

Hookah Coals, Bowls & More

When smoking Mazaya watermelon, use 2-3 coals and a fluff pack, best in a phunnel bowl. Of course, always mix up the tobacco first to ensure even distribution of juices. Be sure to store any leftover shisha in an airtight container to prevent evaporation. If you are a mint chaser, Mazaya also offers watermelon with mint for those of us who love that light, cooling sensation that can only be found in mint. Or you could even mix in your own mint from your favorite brand or try Mazaya’s mint gum flavor! To make mixing even easier, why not try our Vapor Hookahs Double Compartment Hookah Bowl?

Shop offers Mazaya in 50g, 250g, and 1Kg packs. If watermelon maybe isn’t your thing, we also carry thirty-five other flavors of Mazaya, so there is certainly something for everyone! Our 50g packs only cost $1.99 so flavors can be sampled without breaking the bank!

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