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Mazaya Tobacco - New Shisha Flavors Review

Mazaya Tobacco - New Shisha Flavors Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Mazaya Shisha Flavors – The Wait Is Over

You’ve been asking for them! And patiently waiting. Mazaya Tobacco has had some amazing shisha flavors in other parts of the world that just hadn’t made it to the U.S. market yet. But now, they’re here! At least once a week, SouthSmoke has received messages asking about the arrival of Mazaya Ruby Crush or Candy Drops, and even Rock-A-Pie. Seemingly the most popular hookah flavors from Mazaya Molasses outside of the country right now. Fret no more, you can fill your shisha cabinets with the hookah tobacco you’ve been so patiently waiting for. New hookah shisha flavors from Mazaya Tobacco are now at!

Mazaya Hookah Worldwide – Endless Hookah Flavors

Mazaya Molasses Tobacco has grown to be a worldwide favorite hookah shisha manufacturer. The amount of shisha flavors available from the many branches of Mazaya is staggering. There are probably flavor profiles you’ve never heard of or even dreamed about (all hookah enthusiasts have dreams about shisha flavors right?! Just me?). Hookah tobacco flavors specifically catered to each market, taste tested thoroughly by representatives in each part of the world. Some flavors are shared between markets like the basic fruit flavors and popular Double Apple Bahraini but others are more exclusive. Certain tastes gain traction online and receive notoriety from hookah connoisseurs worldwide. To satisfy those shisha cravings, Mazaya Tobacco is releasing SOME of those favorites to the U.S. through SouthSmoke.

Mazaya Tobacco Flavors Review

With the latest release of shisha flavors from Mazaya Molasses, you’ll have a mix of flavor profiles to choose from. Some savory, some fruity, all delicious. Craving something icy with a cooling mint? Try Midnight Mint or Mojito. How about shisha dessert? Blueberry Cream or Rock-A-Pie should do the trick. If you have a hookah sweet tooth, Candy Drops and Mango Twist should fill your hookah bowl just right. Check out some of our hookah flavor reviews from the latest batch of Mazaya Hookah blends below. Mazaya Tobacco Ruby Crush Shisha Flavor

Mazaya Ruby Crush

Yes, we have Ruby Crush. Yes, it is as good as everyone says it is. Chilling raspberry ice. Like a fruity popsicle on a hot summer day. A nice, strong cooling effect that accompanies a well-represented raspberry flavor.

Mazaya Candy Drops

Hookah sweet tooth is a thing and sometimes you just have to fill that hookah bowl with a candy flavored shisha. Mazaya Candy Drops is the absolute best hookah flavor for this exact scenario. Like a handful of starburst candies, Candy Drops is full of fruity, juicy, sweet flavor. A noticeable grapefruit is apparent on exhale as well. Mazaya Tobacco Candy Drops Shisha Flavor

Mazaya Midnight Mint

Sometimes all you need to do to make black licorice taste great is add just the right mint. That’s what Mazaya Tobacco did with Midnight Mint and it is licorice shisha perfection. More of a mint flavor with a backdrop of sweet licorice.

Mazaya Chaila

Your chai tea hookah fix has arrived. Tastes just like tea with milk and cinnamon. Initial inhale is prominent with cinnamon with a little bit of clove in the middle and it ends with sweeter chai notes. This shisha handles heat very well for a spiced flavor.

Mazaya Rock-A-Pie

Soon to be your favorite dessert shisha, Rock-A-Pie is a great combination of sweet and tart. The first inhale puff has a sweet lemon taste, not the normal sour citrus notes. On exhale, you’ll get a taste of the smooth, creamy cream. Whip cream comes to mind. Delicious lemon pie hookah tobacco. Mazaya Tobacco Rock A Pie Shisha Flavor

Mazaya Sweet Blue

You may think there is no way anyone can improve on the blueberry mint shisha flavors that are already out there. You’re wrong. Mazaya Sweet Blue is a slap in the face of full-bodied blueberry with mint undertones and a cream finish. Bet.

Mazaya Captain Fresh

Take a ride on Captain Fresh’s boat with this bright cherry flavored shisha! Mazaya Captain Fresh tastes a little like mixed berries with a prominent cherry and a slight vanilla finish.

Purchase Mazaya Tobacco Flavors at!

Try your hand at the latest worldly shisha flavors from Mazaya Tobacco only at! Purchase Mazaya Hookah Tobacco in 3 tobacco sizes including 50g, 250g, and 1kg boxes for every hookah smoking occasion.

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