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Mazaya Tobacco - Introducing Love, Beauty Crush & More!

Mazaya Tobacco - Introducing Love, Beauty Crush & More!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Worldly Shisha Flavors Now In America

Another release of Mazaya Hookah Tobacco has hit the North American market with 5 delicious flavors. You may have seen the creative artwork or heard of the flavor names recently making their rounds on social media. Quickly gaining popularity, these Mazaya Shisha flavors have been put through the wringer by top-level hookah enthusiasts from around the globe to get them just right. Two flavors, in particular, have done extremely well overseas and we can’t wait to hear what our SouthSmoke customers think of them! Read on to get the low down on what’s new from Mazaya Tobacco. We promise you’ll want to place a shisha order immediately after reading!

Expanding the Mazaya Shisha Flavor Palette

With a solid foundation of traditional single note fruit shishas in their back pocket, Mazaya Tobacco is now branching out with custom hookah shisha blends. Letting their hair down, so-to-say and getting creative with premixed shisha flavors. The lineup of Mazaya Hookah flavors is rapidly growing because of this. If you don’t remember, Mazaya released another set of hookah flavors back in August which included Ruby Crush, Candy Drops, and Rock-A-Pie among others. And then again in December with Pan Raas and Pan Masala. As you can see, Mazaya has been making moves. Even with all of the new shisha flavor releases, Mazaya Tobacco prides themselves on their low pricing. A goal of providing everyone the chance to try their hookah flavors! Now, let’s dive into the new blends! Mazaya Tobacco Flavor Love - blonde woman holding mazaya love shisha flavor

Mazaya Tobacco Love

You’ll quickly fall in love with Mazaya Love. A growingly popular mix of passion fruit, watermelon, melon, and mint. Tested, tweaked, and perfected, Love brings these fruit profiles together in just the right way to get the best from each. Sweet, smooth, and refreshing with every hit of hookah smoke. The packaging design is next level as well with some ‘80s pop art flair.

Mazaya Tobacco Beauty Crush

The Crush series Mazaya Shisha flavors are a hit! Beauty Crush adds to the exciting hookah blends list. Tasty, sweet grapefruit with a kick of citrus lime and cooling menthol mint. Beauty Crush is the perfect refreshing beverage shisha blend for those outdoor hookah sessions! Mazaya Beauty Crush Shisha Flavor - citrus slices with beauty crush molasses shisha package

Mazaya Tobacco Citrus Mix with Mint

If you enjoy citrus shisha flavors, this Mazaya blend will be your new jam. A four-way combo of lovely citrus fruit consisting of grapefruit, lemon, lime, and orange. Now with added cooling menthol mint for just the right finish. Expect the kick of citrus until the last puff of shisha smoke in each bowl.

Mazaya Tobacco Mango

While mango may be closer to what you would expect from Mazaya Tobacco, a single note fruit flavor, it’s the movement into tropical blends that makes the difference. Mazaya Mango is exactly what you would want from a mango shisha profile, robust sweet fruit flavor with a juicy finish. Great on its own or in a creative shisha mix. Mango Shisha Flavor Mazaya Hookah

Mazaya Tobacco Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is another example of Mazaya Shisha branching out into tropical fruit flavors. A spot-on profile of the sweet, exotic passion fruit in shisha form. Once again, a solid flavor on its own but maybe even better mixed.

Buy Mazaya Shisha Tobacco at!

Can’t keep up with all of the new Mazaya Shisha flavor releases lately? Not to worry, has them all! So many delicious hookah flavors to choose from at unbeatable prices. There’s no excuse not to try them all on your next online hookah order from your favorite hookah store! Visit us anytime, we have the shisha flavors you need!

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