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Mazaya Tobacco - Indian Paan Shisha Flavors Review

Mazaya Tobacco - Indian Paan Shisha Flavors Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Floral, Spice and Everything Nice – Mazaya Tobacco Pan Raas & Pan Masala

A traditional treat in Indian culture and throughout Southeast Asia, Paan is also a popular shisha tobacco flavor. A mix of spices, floral preserves, and nuts rolled into a spicy betel leaf chewed or eaten for its stimulant effects. The hookah blend is very aromatic and displays a potent spice flavor and floral notes with each puff. Mazaya Tobacco tries its hand at creating the long-established Indian flavor and we think they hit it out of the park! SouthSmoke reviews Paan flavored tobacco from Mazaya Molasses.

Spices in Shisha Flavors – Mazaya Hookah Tobacco

Known for bold, refreshing fruit hookah flavors, Mazaya Tobacco is branching out with spicy shisha blends. Mazaya Hookah Molasses adds to their already long list of popular shisha tastes with the addition of Pan Raas and Pan Masala. We at SouthSmoke take a look at Mazaya’s take on the Indian spice flavors in their latest hookah shisha release! An all-new flavor profile from the Jordanian brand, so let’s see how they did. Mazaya Pan Raas Shisha Flavor

Mazaya Pan Raas

Indian Paan is a combination of spicy betel leaf and areca nut that is chewed for an after-dinner treat in many parts of Southeast Asia. The mix often uses a lime paste to bind the leaves and adds a bit of a citrus taste. Mazaya Pan Raas closely resembles this exotic treat with strong spicy notes and floral tastes of maybe cardamom and clove. A hint of lemon is noticed in the background along with cooling menthol. A bold spice shisha flavor with a very perfumey fragrance escaping from your hookah bowl. This shisha tobacco mixes very well with citrus shisha blends to cut down on the spices just a bit. Mazaya Tobacco Pan Masala Hookah Shisha

Mazaya Pan Masala

Another Paan mix with some slightly different ingredients to make up Mazaya Pan Masala. A bit sweeter, Pan Masala includes a little more citrus with a touch of lime. Add in a sugary note to balance the flavor out as well. Base ingredients still include spicy betel leaf and areca nuts along with sesame and fennel seeds for that popular Indian taste. Mazaya Tobacco also adds a bit more menthol and mint to Pan Masala to cool off those spices. A well-rounded flavor that is sweeter and a bit smoother than Pan Raas. A great shisha flavor on its own or as a mixer for fruit and citrus blends.

Bahraini Two Apples Now in All Shisha Tobacco Sizes

The beloved Bahraini Two Apples shisha flavor from Mazaya Tobacco is back and better than ever! Previously only available in 250g tobacco sizes in the United States, Bahraini is now stocked in sample size 50g boxes and bulk 1-kilo sizes. A smooth double apple shisha tobacco with less anise flavoring. The traditional hookah lovers that are looking for the classic Nakhla DA flavor can rejoice! This is it. The one double apple hookah flavor above the rest. Stock up now at SouthSmoke! Mazaya Bahraini Two Apples Tobacco Sizes

All Mazaya Shisha Flavors Online at!

If you haven’t been paying attention, Mazaya Tobacco has been on a roll with shisha flavor releases as of late. Along with these new paan flavors, check out Mazaya Ruby Crush, Candy Drops, Rock-A-Pie, and many more! All available within the largest selection of Mazaya Hookah flavors online at!

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