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Mazaya Shisha Gum with Mint - Video Review

Mazaya Shisha Gum with Mint - Video Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Mazaya Hookah Tobacco Review: Gum with Mint

Mazaya is a favorite shisha brand of ours at SouthSmoke. With their incredibly high-qualityflavored hookah tobacco, spot-on flavor replication, and environmentally friendly production methods, what’s not to love? Mazaya hookah tobacco is produced in Jordan and uses top-tier handpicked tobacco from France to create their delicious flavors. They are a beloved brand forhookah smokers of all experience levels thanks to being easy to heat manage and absolutely delicious every time.

So, how is Mazaya’s Gum with Mint?

Mazaya’s Gum with Mint is one of my all-time favorite flavored tobaccos. The smell like opening a package of spearmint gum in the winter. It’s cooling, bright, and soothing. I always smoke it with a normal pack in a phunnel hookah bowl , usually the Vapor Hookahs Utopia Bowl (although, I will be trying it out tonight in the brand new Messiah hookah bowl with my Phoenix HMD! Can’t wait!). Mazaya needs just 2 or 3 hookah charcoals, with a non-quick lighting hookah charcoal being better for keeping the flavor pure. The flavor of Mazaya Gum with Mint is one of the easiest mints to smoke. It’s a light, sweet spearmint that perfectly imitates real spearmint gum. The smoothness of the gum helps to bring down the potential harshness from the mint. Although we always recommend drinking water while smoking, I especially recommend ice water with this flavor. The cooling from the ice adds onto this flavor and makes it even more delicious by naturally enhancing the flavor itself. Mazaya Gum with Mint is perfect on its own but is also a great mixer with fruits, especially lime, and vanilla for extra sweet smoothness. Mazaya Gum with Mint is available in 50g, 250g, and 1-kilo sizes on!

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