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Mazaya Orange with Chocolate Shisha Review

Mazaya Orange with Chocolate Shisha Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Mazaya Shisha Review

Mazaya Hookah Shisha Tobacco FlavorsHey hookah lovers! Today I want to tell you a little about a very unique flavor that Mazaya hookah tobacco offers. For starters, Mazaya is French hookah tobacco and also happens to be Al-Fakher tobacco's biggest competitor in the Middle East. If you are not familiar with the brand then they are definitely worth trying out for yourself. At least to experience the difference for yourself. Mazaya also has a number of flavors you won’t find in Al-Fakhers line including the winter holiday favorite Orange with Chocolate.

Mazaya Hookah and Shisha Setup

The SetupKM Indian Oxidized hookah with all the standard accessories (from us at least) and 2 35mm Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut charcoals. The Packaging – I just want to get this one out of the way. I’m not a fan of the packaging. It is definitely sealed well to start. I like to store my tobacco in the packaging it comes in if at all possible. At first, it seems like you could do this. Doing so with this tobacco would be a very tedious and messy task though. The Smell – my first impressions go straight to the chocolate. This has a dominant milk chocolate scent with a candy orange undertone. Definitely a home run here for me as I very much enjoy dessert flavors.Khalil Mamoon Indian Oxidized Hookah from SouthSmoke The Taste – The orange flavor takes the driver's seat here. It isn’t a super citrusy orange flavor though. I get a very sweet and candy-like orange flavor. This is probably to do with the chocolate undertones that mellow it out at the end. The flavor lasts well into the 30-45 minute mark but I started to get a little tired of it towards the end. I couldn’t imagine making it a daily smoke but I could certainly see myself enjoying it on occasion. Overall – Overall this is a quality brand that delivers accurate and delicious flavors. I just wish they would step up their packaging game a little bit. Have you ever tried this flavor?Let us know what you think on Twitter @SouthSmoke, and Instagram @SouthSmokeCom. Don't forget to tag us #SouthSmoke, we may even share your posts with the rest of ourfollowers.

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