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Mazaya Aycle Glass Hookah

Mazaya Aycle Glass Hookah

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New From Mazaya Tobacco - Glass Hookah

We’ve been teased by Mazaya for months with photos of beautiful glass hookahs that weren’t yet available in the United States. Images from overseas of hookah enthusiasts enjoying a pure smoke from the crystal-clear shisha pipes. Customers of have been clamoring for these hookahs. Can I get one? When will they be available? Very reasonable questions when these brilliant pipes are just out of reach. Well, good news, Mazaya USA has recently imported one of the most sought-after glass hookahs to add to the Mazaya Hookah collection at SouthSmoke. Details below! Mazaya Aycle Glass Hookah in green and blue with Mazaya Tobacco

Mazaya Aycle Glass Hookah

It’s finally here and it’s a must-have hookah to add to your collection. The Mazaya Aycle Glass Hookah (pronounced ice-ull) is a work of art. Completely made of glass, the Aycle hookah combines beauty and a premium, clean smoking hookah session. A stable glass vase features colorful, unique shapes within providing a three-dimensional design. Choose between green, blue, and black. Colors to match your hookah room décor. Pack Mazaya shisha flavors in the glass bowl and down stem combo before placing hot hookah charcoal on top with the included glass charcoal screen. Finish off this shisha pipe with a glass ash tray and a Mazaya branded disposable hookah hose. Worried about the fragility of your glass shisha? Store everything in the padded, soft-shell carrying case with custom cutouts for each part! Everything you need for a perfect smoking session, safe storage and travel. Mazaya Glass Hookah with carrying case

Benefits of All Glass Hookahs

Glass hookahs provide an unrivaled smoothness with each pull of shisha smoke. Glass on glass connections with all glass accessories instead of rubber grommets for an air-tight enclosure that traditional hookahs cannot match. The purity of shisha smoke is experienced with each puff of flavored tobacco. Shisha flavor seems more robust when untainted by any metals, rubber or outside air. Aesthetics are another key feature when talking about the appeal of glass hookahs. Hand-blown glass can take any shape imaginable. The Mazaya Aycle Hookah exemplifies this artwork with its unique design. These distinct shapes are not obtainable with traditional metal hookahs. Aycle Glass Hookah by Mazaya Tobacco in green, grey, and blue

Mazaya Acrylic Hookahs

The Mazaya Aycle joins the growing list of Mazaya Hookahs at You can also find the Mazaya Acrylic Hookahs in large and medium sizes. Manufactured with durable, lightweight acrylic material that is virtually indestructible and easy to maintain. No more stressing about easily breaking your hookah or how much it’ll cost to replace. Mazaya Acrylic Hookahs feature a stable, brightly colored acrylic stem with a matching acrylic vase, plastic heart, down-stem, diffuser, and tray. Also included is a Mazaya disposable hookah hose and required rubber bowl grommet. Both fit tightly on or in the hookah for an airtight smoking session. Designed to be disposable, Mazaya Acrylic Hookahs are priced low. Meant to be smoked a couple of times and recycled but the acrylic is so durable, they work great for a daily driver as well! Budget-friendly and long lasting! Mazaya Acrylic Hookah in purple, black, and red

Buy Mazaya Glass Hookahs at

You can find the all-new Mazaya Aycle Glass Hookah in all of its glory right now at! Just recently programmed into the site, you’ll be one of the first to own this shisha pipe in the country! Also, if you are looking for a budget-friendly daily smoker or nice travel hookah, don’t forget to check out the Mazaya Acrylic Hookaha also available at SouthSmoke. A hookah for every need! Get to smoking y’all.

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