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Mazaya Acrylic Hookah - Premium Hookah on a Budget

Mazaya Acrylic Hookah - Premium Hookah on a Budget

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Something New from Mazaya Tobacco USA

The head honchos at Mazaya Tobacco just keep on one-upping themselves when it comes to new releases in the United States. If you live stateside and smoke shisha, it’s next to impossible to not know about Mazaya at this point. Consistent introductions of creative hookah shisha flavors have placed Mazaya Tobacco securely on the map for hookah enthusiasts, quickly becoming a staple in hookah rotations. Do you think they’d stop there? No chance. Now comes the first line of Mazaya Hookahs available in the US. The Mazaya Acrylic Hookahs are here and SouthSmoke has the lowdown. Large Mazaya Tobacco Portable Hookah

Premium, Portable, Hygienic – Mazaya Hookah

Mazaya Acrylic Hookahs are exactly that, shisha pipes made from acrylic plastic. The durable, lightweight material is virtually indestructible and easy to maintain. No more metal oxidation or broken glass shards. These hookahs feature a sturdy, brightly colored acrylic stem with a matching acrylic vase, plastic heart, down-stem, diffuser, and tray. Also included is a Mazaya disposable hose and rubber bowl grommet. Both fit tightly on/in the hookah for an airtight smoking session. Initially designed to be disposable, Mazaya Hookahs are priced low. Meant to be smoked a couple of times and recycled but the acrylic is so durable, they work great for a daily driver as well! Medium Acrylic Mazaya Shisha Pipe

Best Use for Acrylic Mazaya Hookahs

Acrylic hookahs from Mazaya Tobacco are unique. The first traditionally styled hookahs designed to be disposable and made completely of acrylic plastic. We list the best ways to use Mazaya Acrylic Hookahs with your favorite Mazaya shisha flavors.

Shisha Parties with Friends

Possibly the best use for the Mazaya Acrylic Hookah, packing it up and using it for a hookah get-together. The affordable price tag and durability make it the perfect piece for a rowdy bunch of hookah smokers. You won’t feel as bad if something happens to your shisha pipe. You’ll feel better about allowing others to smoke your hookah and sharing those sweet Mazaya Tobacco flavors like Love, Sweet Blue, and Ruby Crush.

Hookah Lounge Setting

Similar to hookah parties, hookah lounges can greatly benefit from the Mazaya Acrylic Hookahs. You’ve got hundreds of patrons using the same pipe daily, weekly, monthly. Why spend hundreds on a single hookah that’s going to be thrashed and need replacing? The budget-friendly Mazaya Hookah cuts down on costs and can help your bottom line. Just because they are cheaper and easily replaced, doesn’t mean they don’t look good. The colors pop and the traditional hookah shape and styling fit any hookah lounge theme.

Daily Hookah Sessions

Prolong the life of more expensive metal and glass hookahs by using the Mazaya Acrylic Hookah on occasion. It’s like a hookah safety net. Something you can smoke anywhere and not worry about damage or deterioration and still have a premium hookah session. Want to throw a quick, rough smoke together without worrying about an expensive pipe? Pull out the trusty Mazaya Acrylic Hookah and it’ll never disappoint. Mazaya Hookah Disposable Hookah Pipe

Mazaya Acrylic Hookah at

Available exclusively online at, the Mazaya Acrylic Hookah comes in two sizes, medium and large as well as six bright colors! Pair them with Mazaya Tobacco flavors for that all-around perfect hookah session. These hookahs are complete pipes with hose and vase. Just pack your favorite hookah bowl to get them smoking. Get your Mazaya Acrylic Hookah now at SouthSmoke!

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