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Malaki Molasses Tobacco - Now at

Malaki Molasses Tobacco - Now at

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Smoking Hookah is an Art with Malaki Tobacco

Modernly sleek with a touch of class and a whole lot of tradition, Malaki Molasses is transcending the world of shisha. Combining a love of quality with timeless style, Malaki Hookah Tobacco looks to elevate every moment of your shisha experience, from ordinary to luxurious. Just take a look at this amazing branding and packaging. From the overall look of the website,, to the classy retail boxes, Malaki takes pride in their work. This attention to detail and passion for premium quality also shows in their production of top-notch shisha tobacco. Malaki Molasses Hookah Tobacco

A New Take on Traditional Shisha Tobacco

Experience working with top shisha brands in the world, a passion for innovation, and the pursuit of perfection has Malaki Molasses trending upward in the eyes of hookah enthusiasts. Their first big move was to make small, modern tweaks to classic hookah flavors. Blends like Two Apple, Grape, Lemon Mint, and Blueberry among others. Malaki Shisha believes that even the most ancient traditions, can be redefined and enhanced. Small adjustments in premium ingredients to add to the bold, traditional shisha flavors. Changes that also boost flavor longevity and heat sensitivity. Even minor modifications like a bit of menthol or added natural flavorings can make all the difference for a premium quality hookah session. Not only has Malaki Hookah Tobacco perfected age-old shisha flavors, but they have also traveled the world and created must-have global flavors of their own!

Worldly Malaki Hookah Flavors

Malaki Molasses introduces an immersive palette of global flavors to capture the sensation and tradition of shisha with today’s needs in mind. Creative shisha blends with some wild mixes of flavorings to represent different locations and aspects of the world. Let’s break down some of their popular worldly flavors with Malaki’s own description and look at the flavor profile. Malaki Hookah Shisha Flavors


Like the winding river itself, our Amazon molasses takes you to an exotic, tropical adventure into uncharted territory. Combining a variety of tropical fruits with mint creates a can’t-miss hookah flavor. Natural, tropical fruits like you picked them straight from the Amazon.

Blue Cloud

The pinnacle of relaxation, Blue Cloud is designed for smoothness and takes you closer to serenity. Or, in easier terms, a unique version of blueberry mint. If you like Starbuzz Blue Mist, you will LOVE Malaki Blue Cloud.

Cool Breeze

Like a light wind off the Mediterranean, Cool Breeze promises the possibility of new pleasures to come. Mixed fruit including grape and blueberry with a kick of lemon blended with a light, soft mint like a cooling breeze.

Improving the Shisha Experience with Premium Quality Shisha Tobacco

Based in the hookah history and culture of the United Arab Emirates, Malaki Molasses is a relatively new shisha brand. Using the highest quality ingredients, Malaki Molasses hand strips and roasts each tobacco leaf to create the smoothest, most flavorful blends in the industry. The end product is familiar blonde tobacco with red dye and bold, innovative flavors that last from the start of your hookah session to the finish. Malaki saw flaws in the production of other top shisha brands that fall short with fleeting flavor and woody tobacco that is full of stems. They have a motivation to improve the shisha experience with added convenience and premium quality shisha tobacco. Malaki Hookah Tobacco Sizes Malaki Tobacco is re-thinking how molasses is made, sold, and enjoyed. By investing time and money into new manufacturing technology and production processes, Malaki is taking quality hookah shisha even further. Malaki is using care, precision, and desire during each component of production to bring you a moremodern hookahexperience. What began as a desire for better molasses, ended up revolutionizing shisha in the process.

New Malaki Hookah Shisha Coming Soon to!

Malaki Hookah Tobacco will be in stock soon at your favorite online hookah store,! Hold on just a bit longer and you can experience the premium modern flavored tobacco from Malaki Molasses. Enjoy worldly shisha flavors like Cool Breeze, Blue Cloud, and Amazon. You can also try the Malaki renditions of your favorite traditional hookah flavors with Two Apple, Watermelon, Lemon Mint, and Grape. Find Malaki Shisha flavors in a variety of sizes including 50g tobacco packs, 250g boxes, and 1kg cases at SouthSmoke!

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