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Lucid Dreams & Magic Love: Introducing New Al Fakher Flavors

Lucid Dreams & Magic Love: Introducing New Al Fakher Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Al Fakher Shisha Flavors: Lucid Dreams & Magic Love

Brand new Al Fakher flavors have hit the shelves at! We're here to give you the low down on their two new shisha flavors, Lucid Dream and Magic Love. Al Fakher is a household name in the hookah world. They began manufacturing quality shisha in 1999 and haven't disappointed us yet. Today, the company is present in over 100 countries and regarded as a staple in the hookah community, earning the trust and loyalty of shisha enthusiasts all around the world. The company is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality while also finding new ways to delight their customers. Their commitment to producing quality shisha is what keeps people coming back. Al Fakher guarantees only the best experience by sourcing premium ingredients and investing in the most innovative research and development for their products. Working alongside the world’s leading shisha innovators and blenders, Al Fakher is proud to announce their latest and greatest additions to their shisha line, Lucid Dream and Magic Love. With Al Fakher, every blend is unique and flavorful, exceeding expectations every time.

Lucid Dream

Those who enjoy a cool and refreshing hookah session will love Lucid Dream. Lucid Dream is the latest addition to the Al Fakher shisha line and is over the top delicious! This mouthwatering hookah shisha delivers a smooth clean finish accompanied by the flavor of blueberries, lemon and mint selections for a full-flavored hookah session. It leaves you wanting more every single time. We wouldn’t call this a minty blend, but it does have a cooling effect that doesn’t exist in other flavors from Al Fakher. Al Fakher Lucid Dream shisha tobacco with lemons, blueberries, and mint Lucid Dream is a flavor that you shouldn’t miss out on and won’t let you down. We currently have Lucid Dream available in 50g and 250g packs at

Al Fakher Magic Love

Another great addition to the Al-Fakher family is Magic Love! A delicious combination of passionfruit, melon, spices, and a little mint. A pleasant cooling effect hits you on the exhale, leaving you with a fresh and sweet aftertaste. It is one of the newest flavors from Al Fakher and truly unlike any other blend in their collection. We highly recommend Magic Love if you like fruity, flavorful and sweet tobacco. Upon opening Magic Love, you will find a nice thin cut tobacco and a sweet but not overpowering aroma. We think you will love this distinctly fruity, slightly minty, and overall refreshing shisha flavor. Al Fakher Magic Love 250g and 50g How did we smoke it, you ask? Straight up! If you’d like to try mixing it up and creating your own shisha blend, try mixing it with other fruity and refreshing flavors. Let us know what you paired it with below in our comment section! You can buy Magic Love on in 50g, 250g, and 1kg packages.

Al Fakher Coupon Codes

Thanks for checking out our blog on the latest Al Fakher flavors Lucid Dreams and Magic Love! Would you like to try one? We’re currently giving away a free 250g box of either Lucid Dream or Magic Love when you spend over $95 with Promo Code AFLUCID250 or AFMAGIC250. You can find a wide variety of hookahs, accessories, shisha and more on our website to enhance your hookah experience! If you have any questions, please just give us a call at 888-577-6653. We have experienced hookah smokers available to answer any questions you may have!

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