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Looking for a Quality One Hose Hookah? Get Vapor Hookahs!

Looking for a Quality One Hose Hookah? Get Vapor Hookahs!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Think you know a quality hookah? Chances are you’ve seen nothing yet!

As the exclusive distributor of Vapor Hookahs, we at think you could benefit from a high quality one hose hookah by Vapor hookahs. You may have heard us promoting or suggesting their models; that’s because Vapor Hookahs:
  • Offers quality one hose hookah products at affordable prices.
  • Have high standards for quality and perfection with every one hose hookah model.
  • Are constantly on the forefront of innovation with new products.
Best of all, Vapor Hookahs stands behind their product whether it’s a one hose hookah, a 4 hose hookah, or anything in-between like a 2 hose hookah or 3 hose hookah. If you’re looking for one hose hookah models that are not well-known, these are at the top of our all-time personal favorites:

The Karma

9-26-2014 10-17-58 AM Standing at 28” tall, the Karma is a large one hose hookah by Chinese standards. This heavy, black-stemmed hookah is designed to withstand both time and abuse. Customize your hookah with dark-colored vases in black, blue, and red. From the vase design to the extra-large stem adapters which allow maximum air flow with minimum effort, this hookah demands attention. You can even convert the Karma into a 4 hose hookah to accommodate everyone you know. No going small with a 2 hose hookah or 3 hose hookah – it’s go big or go home with the Karma!

The Blaze

In our opinion, Vapor Hookahs reached perfection with the Blaze. This medium-sized hookah stands 19” tall and can convert into a 2 hose hookah – incredible considering its size! As a 2 hose hookah, you can accommodate and impress your friends with the Blaze and its extra-large hose stem adapters. And we’ve got to bring special attention to the black matte finish on the vase, which is super unique and cool. In a world of shiny and chrome hookahs, the Blaze is a diamond in the rough. Choose from three color options and use it as a single or 2 hose hookah to make all your buddies envious.

Multiply Your Enjoyment with a 2, 3,or 4 Hose Hookah

The more the merrier, right? A 2 hose hookah lets you invite a few friends for a fun time smoking; a 3 hose hookah lets you invite a handful; and a 4 hose hookah lets you throw a party! If you’re interested in an “odd” amount of company, choose a 3 hose hookah. But if you’re a socialite, 4 hoses is the way to go. So try one of these Vapor Hookahs and set yourself up for a great time!

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