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Looking For A New Hookah?

Looking For A New Hookah?

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Hookah Choices

Looking for a cool looking hookah to add to your collection? Look no further because we have some hookahs for you. We stock hookahs of all assortments so if one of these doesn’t strike your fancy check out our full selection! We certainly have something for you out of our massive selection of hookahs!


Unique hookah, the Gargoyle The Gargoyle – it's back in stock and back in action. It’s a great selection for the budget minded or first time hookah smoker. It is also ideal for travel due to its size. If you have always wanted a hookah with a gargoyle theme here it is! The Dragon’s Lair – an awesome hookah for those fantasy world fans out there. Bring your RPG world to life or play your favorite game with this one. This one is also a travel size and budget conscientious selection that is sure to please. The Soul Catcher – skulls galore, what is not to love? This hookah offers a spooky theme that makes quite the decoration piece. This is also a great selection for the budget minded or someone looking to travel. The Fire Dragon – yet another dragon themed hookah that looks awesome. It’s larger than the above hookahs with some serious style and vase color variety. The Fire Dragon is available in Blue, Brown, Red, White and Black. The Flying Dragon – one of the most popular dragon hookahs we offer. This hookah has serious style. The stem has a jewel encrusted look and the vase has dueling dragons on it. What is not to love? The Delirium – looking for a multi-hose hookah, this one comes standard with four hoses to get the party started! This hookah comes in a variety of colors and looks awesome. The Delirium comes in Blue, Green, Red, Sky Blue, White, and Yellow. It offers some serious style appeal to your arsenal.

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