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Look Ahead to Spring: Mazaya Two Apple Bahraini Review

Look Ahead to Spring: Mazaya Two Apple Bahraini Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Welcome spring with mazaya bahraini apple tobacco

Hookah Flavor for Spring

Is spring here yet? Now that the holidays are over, we tend to move past the fun, exciting, and beautiful parts of winter. There’s a general feeling of “now what?” followed by a waiting game until better weather arrives. Jumpstart spring with Mazaya Tobacco Two Apple Bahraini.

Why is it still cold?

No more do we wish for snow or to bundle up in scarves and boots. Wearing a bulky coat seems like a chore and if you’re like me, your windshield scraper is broken from over-use, and clearing the morning frost is downright torture. Dreams of shorts and tee shirts, walks on the beach, and fruity drinks begin to creep into your mind. Random warm days tease us only to be followed by another drop in temperature. It seems like spring will never fully appear. Welcome spring with mazaya bahraini apple tobacco

Two Apple Bahraini - Mazaya Hookah Tobacco Review

Allow Mazaya French Tobacco to help make the wait easier with the fruity, fresh flavor of the new Two Apple Bahraini flavoredhookah tobacco. It’ll have you daydreaming about a picnic under a tree at the park or a nature hike. All while picking your own fresh fruit straight off the branches. What better way to move on from the blustery cold winter climate than to enjoy the crisp, natural taste of apple and get a jump-start on your spring season. You can get Two Apple Bahraini now at

Two Apple Bahraini - Taste

A twist on the popular Double Apple hookah tobacco flavor, Two Apple Bahraini from Mazaya can be described as a crisp red apple flavor with a mild, smooth finish. Just a hint of sweetness or tart keeps your taste buds on edge. The biggest draw from Bahraini compared to other Double Apple flavors is that it has noticeably less anise. A flavoring agent that creates the black licorice taste. So if you’re looking for a natural apple taste without the sometimes unpopular licorice, Two Apple Bahraini should be on your list of Flavored Hookah Tobacco to try in 2019. Two apples together Welcome spring with mazaya bahraini apple tobacco With a good pack in a phunnel bowl and 2-3 Hookah Charcoals, you can’t go wrong. While it smokes great on its own, Two Apple Bahraini has a warmer finish and mixes great with a small amount of your favorite mint flavor from Mazaya if you’re looking for that cool, icy exhale. Mazaya Hookah Tobacco is known for its top-tier handpicked French tobacco and is produced in Jordan with environmentally-friendly production methods. Mazaya Hookah uses premium quality ingredients such as medicinal grade glycerin, pure honey, and all-natural flavors. Now a mainstay in the middle-east and growing in popularity in the U.S. market. Get your spring started early by trying all of the fruity flavors from Mazaya’s latest line of Flavored Hookah Tobacco in 50g, 250g and 1kg sizes at

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