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Khalil Mamoon Ice Cream Blueberry Vanilla Review

Khalil Mamoon Ice Cream Blueberry Vanilla Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Khalil Mamoon Ice Cream Blueberry Vanilla Flavored Tobacco

Khalil Mamoon has been the go-to creator for high end, traditional style hookahs for well over 100 years, since 1873. Everyone in the hookah community is more than familiar with this name as a standard for quality, class, sophistication, beauty, and craftsmanship. Khalil Mamoon decided it was time to release a line offlavored hookah tobacco that upheld their tradition and standard of perfection. They currently have twenty seven flavors of hookah shisha ranging from the spicy Bombay Masala to the decadently sweet Red Guava. Khalil Mamoon’s shisha tobacco comes in 100g, 250g, and 1kg sizes, perfect covering any of your hookah tobacco needs.

Preparation for Smoking

This shisha is very juicy with a medium, choppy cut. It is also obvious there are no dyes present, as the color is very rich and naturally golden. We recommend using a Phunnel Bowl for any Khalil Mamoon hookah tobacco to get the best possible smoke out of it. Of course, for coals we recommend natural coconut charcoals for optimal flavor and easier heat management, such as CocoUrth or Charco Flare. Foil, a Charcoal Screen, or an HMD would work fine, depending on user preference. Personally, I opted for the Apple on Top Provost HMD for this session to be able to enjoy quality on top of quality. Be sure to mix this shisha up well to redistribute the juices for the best smoke each time.

Khalil Mamoon Tobacco Flavor Review

The taste of this shisha is interesting and light. The blueberry has more of a candy blueberry feel than a natural feel, but it is very good. The vanilla is very rich and creamy and compliments the blueberry very well. There is no noticeable mint present at all, yet there is a cooling sensation there. It is very reminiscent of a blueberry ice cream without an overbearing sweetness. I did enjoy this flavored shisha, but I think I would mix it with another blueberry or perhaps a strawberry if I were to smoke it again. Such as Al-Fakher Blueberry or Nakhla Strawberry. If you enjoy light fruit dessert flavors, you would enjoy Khalil Mamoon’s Ice Cream Blueberry Vanilla. Find it on

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