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Keepin’ it lit with Charco Flare Coconut Charcoals!

Keepin’ it lit with Charco Flare Coconut Charcoals!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Key To Good Hookah Is Good Hookah Charcoal

To get the most flavor out of your shisha and your session try out a box of Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal. These are natural hookah coals that are manufactured out of coconut shells without any quick lighting chemicals. One of the best things about the Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal is that these coals are odorless when lighting and in use which we, here at, think is fantastic. Because of this,Charco Flare Coals are tastelessletting you enjoy the exotic flavors of your shisha unhindered by hookah coals. Last, but not least, these charcoals will burn three times longer than most other coconut charcoals available on the market! That’s right,a longer burn for a more relaxed and enjoyable session. We offerCharco Flare Coals in 3 styles and a multitude of different count boxes.

Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal Quarter Circle

The quarter circle shape of these coals make them perfect for fitting into your heat management systems without all the wasted space you normally get from cubes or flats. Think of these like the shape of a slice of pizza or piece of pie. Designed to maximize the limited space you have inside a HMS, these are really a no brainer if you are into using a heat management device. They are available in a 16 Piece sample size box and 112 Piece Box. So next time you need coals, pick up a 16pc box and see how you like them. Then when you realize what you have been missing, swing back by and stock up with the 112pc!

Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal Cube

For those of you who like the ease and longevity of full cubes, Charco Flare has something wonderful for you too! Set 'em and forget 'em, these full cubes will take your session into that time frame you have been striving to reach out of a bowl. The cubes come in a 12 Piece Box sample size so you can give them a try with your next order without breaking the bank! Once you see why we love the Charco Flare Coconut cubes you will want to check out the 72 Piece Box (1 kilo), 144 Piece Box (2 kilo), and for the dedicated hookah enthusiast we offer a 720 Piece Box (10 kilo lounge pack)!

Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal Flat

If you are a smoker that enjoys the challenge and technical side of heat management, Charco Flare has you covered too. Many enjoy using flats so they can fine tune or manage the heat better. Flats allow two different sized surface areas on the coals, thus enabling you to fine tune how much coal surface area and how much heat you are directly applying to your bowl. You can stand them up, lay them flat, or any combination of the two in order to get that perfect amount of heat. They also don't ash quite as much. The Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal Flat version is available in a 108 Piece Box. No matter what your smoking style is, Charco Flare Coconut Charcoal has you covered. When you are placing your next order with don’t forget to add a box of Charco Flare Coconut charcoal to experience the latest and greatest of coconut coals on the market!

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