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It’s Grapefruit Season - Trifecta Tobacco Grapefruit Review

It’s Grapefruit Season - Trifecta Tobacco Grapefruit Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Enjoy Trifecta Tobacco Grapefruit

A refreshing tropical citrus fruit, the grapefruit can be enjoyed in many different ways. Slice it in half and eat it for breakfast or maybe a refreshing mid-morning snack. Use grapefruit as a marinade on your favorite meat, a salsa, vinaigrette for salad, or enjoy the many kinds of juice. Options are endless and there may not be a wrong way to appreciate the sweet and tart fruit. But, I can tell you the best way! Smoke it, with grapefruit-flavored hookah tobacco from Trifecta Tobacco!

Always in Season

Tasteful and nutritious, grapefruits can be a great addition to your daily diet. Low on calories, fat, and cholesterol, you can relish in the mix of sweet and tangy flavor without feeling guilty. A perfect all-around blend that some would call a super fruit. You can find grapefruit in the states from Arizona and California, Florida, and Texas. They are freshest in season between January and August out west and October through June in the east. That’s a pretty long open season but no matter what time of year, Trifecta Hookah Tobacco’s Grapefruit is always in season and it never has those pesky seeds. Grapefruit Cut in half Trifecta Tobacco on table blog southsmoke

Trifecta Tobacco Dark Blend

With the instant success of their blonde tobacco line, Trifecta Hookah Tobacco was quick to follow it up with a dark blend in 2015. Praised by enthusiasts for robust and accurate flavor profiles, Trifecta’s Dark Blend does not disappoint. Burley tobacco produced in small batches that carries a quality nicotine buzz and delivers thick clouds and lengthy hookah sessions. Finely cut and a bit juicy, the dark blend takes heat well and smokes with the best of them. The proprietor of the brand is a hookah enthusiast and knows what the community wants. With almost 2 years in development, Grapefruit is his latest prized creation. Grapefruit Slices on Table Trifecta Tobacco blog southsmoke

A Grapefruit Review

The smell of zesty grapefruit peel fills your nose as soon as you twist open the Trifecta jar. A little bitter but also sweet, the aroma of fresh grapefruit juice. Pack it in your favorite phunnel hookah bowl just like any other Trifecta Dark Blend Tobacco with a light dense pack to let this flavor really flourish. A bit tart on inhale but it’s followed by a sweet finish that balances out the taste very well. It has been explained as a “bright” flavor or a “burst of citrus”. A bold and strong but versatile blend that doesn’t smoke warm or taste dirty like other citrus hookah tobaccos. A solid session on its own because of its well-rounded or balanced nature but it also mixes with other fruits or mint for those who like the cooling effect. Trifecta Hookah Tobacco’s Grapefruit is a citrus lovers must have. Grapefruit half on plate trifecta tobacco blog southsmoke

Now Available - Trifecta Tobacco

Find Trifecta Grapefruit as well as the rest of the Dark Blend line right now at Share it with your friends as they’ll be sure to enjoy this fresh citrus flavor or be greedy and hoard it all to yourself. They can always get their own as grapefruit hookah is always in season.

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