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Introducing New Azure Tobacco Flavors!

Introducing New Azure Tobacco Flavors!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Azure Flavors Available Now in Gold & Black Lines

We all know that Azure Tobacco has some of the best shisha flavors in the industry. Azure Tobacco has been developing some of the most unique flavors to hit the market and they are flying off the shelves. We are excited to introduce to you 3 new flavors from Azure Tobacco: Hokkaido Melon, Black Tea, and Persian Rose! Azure shisha is available in a variety of unique flavors and produces thick hookah clouds like nobody’s business! Azure Tobacco offers these delicious flavors in two different lines: the Azure Gold Line and the Azure Black Line. The Azure Gold Line is a beautiful blonde leaf tobacco that is low in nicotine and high in flavor. Those of you who are new to hookah or looking for a long session without a heavy nicotine buzz should choose the Azure Gold Line. The Azure Black Line is a dark leaf tobacco that is still full of flavor, but with a higher level of nicotine and a much stronger buzz.

Hokkaido Melon

In Japan, Hokkaido Melon is known as one of the best and most expensive melons. Therefore, it's no wonder that Hokkaido Melon shisha is considered one of the best. The Hokkaido Melon blend from Azure Tobacco has a sweet melon flavor with slightly sour undertones. It possesses a unique, flavorful taste and will transport you to Japan with every puff. Hokkaido melon is artfully crafted and perfectly tasteful. Azure Tobacco Hokkaido Melon Shisha Flavor Product Photography

Black Tea

Azure Flavors never disappoint, and Azure’s Black Tea blend is no exception. Inspired by an exquisite blend of Indian and Chinese black teas, the Azure Black Tea blend is sure to please. It's flavor evokes the taste of a flavorful and slightly sweet tea to give the perfect addition to your hookah bowl. You can pack it straight up or combine it with a lemon shisha blend for a flavor that is ever so unique. Azure Tobacco Black Tea Shisha Flavor Product Photography

Persian Rose - Perhaps One of the Best Azure Flavors

We are confident that Persian Rose shisha flavor will end up on the list of “Best Azure Flavors” because of its refreshing taste. The Persian Rose blend is made up of a mixture of pomegranate and rose elements to create this floral and vibrant flavor. It smells natural, passionate, vibrant, fruity and a little dark. Persian Rose is a unique flavor that you can’t get anywhere else, and it is one you must try. Azure Tobacco Persian Rose Shisha Flavor Product Photography All three new Azure flavors are available in both the Azure Gold Line and the Azure Black Line on Don’t miss out, as Azure Tobacco has been a staple and household name for hookah lovers for years. To enhance your hookah experience, be sure to check out’s wide selection of hookahs, accessories, shisha and more. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-577-6653. We have experienced hookah smokers available to answer any questions you may have!

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