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Introducing Ecocha Hookah Charcoal

Introducing Ecocha Hookah Charcoal

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Ecocha Hookah Charcoals

When it comes to a hookah session there are those people who enjoy quick lighting charcoals and some who enjoy coconut charcoals. If you are a fan of the latter then we have a brand new product that we just know you are going to love. Non-quick lighting charcoals offer one of the very best hookah experiences money can buy and our new addition is one of the very best! Let’s have a look! Ecocha charcoals are a premium coconut shell coal that is manufactured in one of the top charcoal factories in Indonesia. Not only are these imperial quality but they are 100% organic and contain no chemicals. Ecocha charcoals are compressed to be flat giving them a rectangular shape. This is to minimize the ash output and to keep the charcoal from rolling off of your hookah bowl.

Ecocha Coconut CharcoalBoxes

You will also find that the price of these charcoals is also slightly cheaper than that of Coco Nara! These amazing charcoals can surpass the competition in terms of burn time as well. Ecocha will last you much longer than your standard charcoal! They also come in a variety of sizes for you to try or to bulk up on. Ecocha can be purchased in a 16 piece box, 108 piece box or a 324 piece box! 324 pieces will last you a long time and there is incredible savings as well! Don’t just take our word for it though. If you still aren’t convinced that Ecocha will change your hookah experience forever then pick up a 16 count box! We currently have them on sale for $1.65 down from their normal $2.25. You can’t beat the savings and you are going to absolutely love the imperial quality of Ecocha! After you try it you will not want to accept any other hookah charcoal substitute.

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