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If You Like Piña Coladas - Fumari Tobacco Caribbean Colada

If You Like Piña Coladas - Fumari Tobacco Caribbean Colada

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Beach and Fruity Drinks

It’s getting to be the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Time to hit the beach and break out the fruity drinks! Soak in the sun and maybe catch a wave. Don’t forget your shades and sunscreen. Then, build your hookah and watch the sunset off the coast. Sounds like a perfect tropical day, right? Tie in Fumari Tobacco Caribbean Colada and it is! caribbean colada blog southsmoke fumari tobacco pina colada drink

Take Your Mind Somewhere Tropical with Fumari Tobacco

Now you can enjoy paradise anywhere with refreshing flavors of vibrant pineapples blended with smooth, creamy coconuts. Fumari Tobacco recently released Caribbean Colada, their latest flavor in a growing line of blonde hookah tobaccos. A tropical explosion! This piña colada blend is light and refreshing just like sipping on a cold concoction of real pineapples and coconut. Both cool and sweet, Fumari’s Caribbean Colada definitely hits the spot. The sweet, almost sour pineapple on inhale followed by a creamy coconut on exhale. And, the smell will light up any room. Bring a Caribbean vibe to any party. Man sitting on beach with Fumari Tobacco apparel blog SouthSmoke

Stay Cool

Fumari Tobaccoalways has your style in mind with a cool line of branded apparel. Now they are giving away sunglasses to keep you shaded on those beach vacations! With a purchase of Fumari Caribbean Coladahookah tobaccofrom you’ll get a blacked out pair of shades that’ll have you hitting the coast with some flair. Protect those eyes while you puff on some fruity piña colada clouds and maybe sip on a similar drink responsibly. Pineapple Hookah Head Blog SouthSmoke Fumari Caribbean Colada

Always Go Full Beach Mode - Bring Fumari Tobacco

If you really want to double down on the new Fumari Caribbean Colada flavor, replace that trusty phunnel bowl with a pineapple head. Use the fresh pineapple juices to cool your hookah smoke and even add a bit of extra flavor to your hookah session. Cut that fruit in half, build a grate at the bottom and fill it to the brim with the tasty Fumari blend. Cover with foil and top your creation with a trusty heat management device for a perfect smoke! Wear your new glasses while you smoke for the full Caribbean feeling. Pick up the latest Fumari Tobacco Caribbean Colada hookah tobacco blend from right now! Along with the 100g pouches of the popular blonde tobacco, you’ll receive Fumari branded sunglasses, no code required! Get them now before our supply runs out, this flavor is blowing off the shelves! Disclaimer: International orders not eligible due to customs.

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