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How to Mix Shisha Tobacco - Make the Best Hookah Flavors Mix

How to Mix Shisha Tobacco - Make the Best Hookah Flavors Mix

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hands holding hookah bowl packing it with shisha - How to Mix Shisha Tobacco Hookah Mixologist blog post

Hookah Mixology – Shisha Mix Recipes

A huge part of smoking hookah is trying new shisha flavors. With the continuous list of new flavored tobacco coming out, the options are endless. Sometimes trying all these flavors and countless renditions of household classic flavors can get really old, pretty fast. You like to be creative. You mix your own drinks, cook your own recipes and love the freedom of discovering something all your own. Good news, hookah allows you to do just that! Combine any flavors you can imagine from any brand on the market to build your own concoctions to share with friends. Not just 2, but even 3, 4 or 5 flavors if you’re really feeling frisky. Unfortunately, there aren’t any hookah cookbooks with shisha tobacco recipes to get you started but if you follow this simple guide from, you can call yourself a shisha mixologist in no time!

Hookah Flavor Mixes

The first step to any recipe is gathering ingredients. Choosing hookah shisha flavors that go well together can seem like a daunting task, but it’s really much easier than you think! Imagine flavors from other aspects of life and what makes them taste so good. Your favorite drink mixes with sweet and sour or tasty desserts that use fruit and cream to satisfy and tantalize the taste buds. The best shisha mixes use hookah flavors that complement each other just like that. When in doubt, hold both flavors to your nose to see how they smell together. Your nose is one of the strongest tools you have in your arsenal when trying to determine whether something is going to taste good or not. A good sniff will give you some very helpful insight into what the combination will taste like. Get creative, experiment, you won’t know what you like until you try. Fumari Tobacco Hookah Mix Shisha - Fumari white gummi bear, fumari mint, and fumari tangelo hookah shisha

Sweet & Sour Shisha Mix

To get started, try a sweet and sour mix from Fumari Tobacco. Use Fumari White Gummi Bear, a pineapple blend, with Fumari Tangelo and a splash of Fumari Mint in ratios of 40%, 40% and 20%. This blend works to keep the fruit flavors at the forefront and just a hint of cooling mint. Sweet and sour mixes are always a go-to and are easily doable with any brands like Al-Fakher Shisha, Trifecta Hookah and Azure Tobacco. All brands that can be found at Haze Tobacco Hookah Mix Shisha - Haze Bananarama, Haze What-A-Mint, Haze Pacoca flavored hookah shisha

Dessert Shisha Mix

Dessert blends also make good hookah flavor mixes. These are usually made with peanut, vanilla, graham cracker, chocolate or coffee flavored tobacco. Add in your favorite fruit and you have a delicious dessert! One of our favorites to try is a mix of Haze Tobacco flavors. Try Haze Bananarama, Haze Pacoca and just a little Haze What-A-Mint to cool it down. Once again use a ratio of 40%, 40% and 20% mint for best results. A delectably smooth banana, peanut butter dessert flavor that will have your friends begging for the recipe!

Types of Shisha

An important piece of mixing shisha is knowing the different types of tobacco from different brands. When first learning to mix flavors, it’s easiest to stick with flavors in the same shisha brand lineup. That way you know that it all burns the same. When you get comfortable with that, you can start blending brands in the same category. Blonde tobacco or washed tobacco like Al-Fakher, Fumari, Starbuzz, Azure Gold Line and Mazaya work well together. They might have more trouble when working with dark leaf tobacco on the other hand. Dark tobacco leaf brands like Trifecta Dark Blend, Azure Black Line and Tangiers blend well together too as they are packed more similarly. A good rule of thumb, if two brands are packed the same on their own, they should work well together. Once you become a professional shisha mixologist, you can work on mixing dark leaf and blonde shisha together! Hookah Bowl packed with flavored shisha tobacco - Types of Shisha Dark Leaf Tobacco Washed Tobacco

Hookah Mixing Techniques

Now that you have your hookah brands and shisha flavors selected, we can move on to baking… I mean mixing our ingredients! The real reason you are reading this blog, how to mix hookah flavors. There are several different techniques and each has its benefits. Some work better with specific hookah bowls, others work better depending on the mix you are going for or the ratio of hookah flavors.

Layered Hookah Flavor Mix

Layering your flavors allows your flavor profile to slightly change throughout your hookah session and works best with a traditional Egyptian clay hookah bowl. Pack your most prominent flavor first. The highest ratio of shisha goes at the bottom, directly on top of the holes in the bowl. Pack like you normally would with the brand of shisha you have chosen. Next, add each additional flavor in “layers”, each above the last. Pack to the rim of the bowl and slightly pat down to just below. Foil and poke like normal. This style of shisha mixing allows heat to be pulled down through each flavor and focuses on the bottom shisha most guaranteeing you get a taste of the prominent flavor with each pull. Early in your session, you’ll notice more of the top flavor but as you go, that flavor will slowly dissipate and you’ll taste more of the second layer. A great way to have a transforming shisha session! Hand holding up Hookah Bowl packed with Hookah Shisha - Mix Shisha Hookah Flavors, Blonde Tobacco

Side By Side Shisha Mix

The best packing method when using a phunnel hookah bowl is the side by side mixing technique. Place each hookah flavor separately around the center spire in theory, giving each taste its own quadrant of the bowl. You can control which flavor you taste more by moving your hookah charcoal on top of that specific flavor. This packing method also works better when packing different brands or types of shisha as you can pack each separately in their own section of the bowl.

Premixed Hookah Flavors

Probably the easiest way to blend shisha flavors is to premix them in a bag or bowl before packing in your hookah bowl. Simply work out your ratios beforehand and place all flavors in a bag. Mix with a fork or by hand or simply shake the bag until thoroughly mixed. Pack all together into the hookah bowl and viola. This method works best with comparable shisha types and brands that take heat similarly. There you have it! Now it’s on you to practice until you can call yourself a hookah mixologist. Pick all of your ingredients up at and get to mixing!

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