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How to Keep Tobacco Fresh - Hookah 101

How to Keep Tobacco Fresh - Hookah 101

By Amir / April 29, 2024

How to Keep Tobacco Fresh – Fresh Shisha, More Flavor

Have you ever been low on shisha tobacco and go searching for an old shisha can in the back of a drawer or closet? Wonder if it was still safe to smoke? Does shisha tobacco go bad? If it was stored correctly, it may just save the day. If not, it’ll be sure to ruin the mood quickly. SouthSmoke is here to teach you how to keep tobacco fresh. Stretch your hard-earned money further and enjoy better hookah sessions by storing your shisha properly.

Does Shisha Tobacco Expire?

Plain tobacco does not technically have an expiration date. It can dry out over time but can always be used without any added negative effects. But, when we are talking about shisha tobacco for hookah, other ingredients are involved. Molasses, glycerin, honey and other additives normally found in your favorite shisha flavors can grow mold if not stored correctly. Expiration dates vary between manufacturers as the amounts of each ingredient can be different. A general consensus is a 2-year shelf-life for unopened shisha. This is more about optimum flavor output and quality of smoke. As long as its void of visible mold or the tobacco isn’t too dry it should still be okay to smoke but may produce less flavor and clouds.

How to Store Shisha Tobacco

Now, how do you keep shisha tobacco fresh as long as possible? Let’s look at the tried-and-true methods.

Keep Tobacco Out of Direct Sunlight

The most important aspect of storing hookah shisha to keep tobacco fresh, is the temperature. Fluctuations in environment can be detrimental to the lifespan of your shisha. Direct sunlight and heat are an absolute shisha killer. High temperatures will cause the ingredients in shisha to condensate in the bag or container. This additional moisture will create mold rather quickly. No one wants to see (or smell) mold when they are preparing for a hookah session. Keep your hookah tobacco in a cool, dark, dry environment like an office cabinet, closet or drawer to combat moisture.

Place Tobacco in an Air-Tight Container

Shisha tobacco needs a stable environment to stay as fresh as possible. This means keeping outside air, out. An air-tight container is a must when storing hookah shisha. In 2021, many shisha brands sell their hookah tobacco in resealable containers. This saves you money and effort in the long run. Brands like Fumari and Azure Tobacco offer resealable plastic pouches while Starbuzz and Haze Tobacco provide tight closing tins. If your shisha doesn’t come in a resealable container, we suggest using glass jars or plastic containers with rubber seals. These do the best to keep your tobacco fresh.

Storing Shisha Tobacco in the Fridge

Some hookah smokers may offer advice to store shisha in the refrigerator. While this isn’t as bad as leaving tobacco in direct sunlight or in your car, its not great either. The cold environment of a fridge can dry shisha out rather quickly. The varying humidity inside, also has negative effects to your tobacco. Not too mention, cold-shock is a thing. Cold shisha won’t smoke properly due to the rapid change in temperature once hot hookah charcoal is added. Now that you know this, it goes without saying; never store shisha in the freezer.

How to Store Charcoal

Bonus Hookah 101 material! Hookah charcoal does not have an expiration date but improper storage can affect performance. Like shisha tobacco, moisture is an enemy. Wet coals will be harder to light and won’t burn as long. You should also store your coconut coals in an air-tight container in a cool, dry environment. It almost seems beneficial to keep all of your hookah products in the same place. Wink, wink.

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