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Wholesale Hookah - Get Your Business on the Right Track

Wholesale Hookah - Get Your Business on the Right Track

By Amir / April 28, 2010

The Answer to Your Wholesale Hookah Questions

Are you looking to open up a hookah lounge, hookah store or smoke shop? Questions about where to get great hookah products wholesale with low pricing that won’t run you out of business before you even start? Do you own one of these aforementioned hookah places but need a new distributor? Answering yes to any of these questions means you are in the right place. A quality hookah wholesaler and distributor may be hard to come by but your latest Google search has brought you to the last one you’ll ever need!

Laying the Groundwork for Western Hookah and Global Hookah Distributors have been in the hookah wholesale business since 2002. We have grown to be the most prominent distributor in the country. Over the past few years, the hookah industry in the United States has seen substantial growth, paving the way for the ancient Middle Eastern tradition to become part of mainstream society and American culture. as a shisha distributor and hookah wholesaler has played a fundamental role in redefining the age-old smoking experience and is proud to have participated in laying the groundwork for future generations of hookah smokers in the Western world. Hookah Wholesale Blog SouthSmoke Hookah Tobacco Fumari Starbuzz

Only the Best Hookah Products

By carrying only the best hookahs, tobacco and hookah accessories for your business, Global Hookah Distributors makes it our number one goal to see your hookah store flourish! Top rated hookahs such as Khalil Mamoon, MYA Hookahs and Vapor Hookahs to name a few. Our premium lines of flavored tobacco are ever-changing. We aim to stay on top of the latest hookah trends while also keeping tradition in mind. You’ll find classic brands such as Al-Fakher, Al-Amir and our latest addition Afzal Hookah Tobacco. Some of the most famous shishas around the world. Or, try some new styles that are growing in popularity in the U.S. like Fumari, Azure and Trifecta. Don’t forget about the latest phunnel style hookah bowls and hookah heat management devices. Gadgets that enthusiasts are going wild for. Hookah Wholesale Blog SouthSmoke Hookah Tobacco Store Shop Lounge

Buy Authentic Hookah Wholesale

Too often, many hookah wholesalers fall into the trap of buying cheap products to sell en masse in order to turn a quick profit. and GHD are committed to only selling authentic hookah products with strict quality assurance and arranging for the manufacturing, importation, and thorough inspection of all hookahs, flavored tobacco, hookah charcoals, and accessories. No more questioning if your Khalil Mamoon is real. But, if you do have questions regarding orders, products or anything hookah related the top-notch customer support team is very knowledgeable of hookah resale and is a sure bet to help out. Hookah Wholesale Blog SouthSmoke Hookah Tobacco Store Shop Lounge

Putting “Global” in Global Hookah

Global Hookah Distributors’ hookah hub located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA makes shipping around the United States a breeze but that’s not all. We ship our wholesale hookah products all over the world. We are one of the only hookah wholesalers in the USA who offer complete exotic and unique hookahs internationally. Shipping to all APO and FPO locations worldwide. As a registered wholesaler and distributor in the US, we abide by all local, state, and federal guidelines. You can trust GHD with your hookah wholesale purchase. And, we now offer business lines of credit to help you pay on your terms! Hookah wholesale has never been easier. Check us out at and get your account set up with Global Hookah Distributors. Get your hookah business on track.

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