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Hookah Vacation - Fruit Hookah Bowls

Hookah Vacation - Fruit Hookah Bowls

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Fruity Vacation

Need a vacation? Have you caught yourself daydreaming of fruity drinks on a foreign beach and then realize you’re still sitting behind your desk at work? Your boss is wondering where the latest reports are and you have no answer for him. Your mind is stuck in the Bahamas. Enjoy a couple of fruit hookah bowls to put your mind at ease.

Fruit hookah bowls on hookahs. Grapefruit, apple and orange.

Fruit Hookah Bowls

Sometimes everyday life gets boring and we need to switch it up. Really get out of our comfort zone and expand our horizons. If you can’t get away to your dream vacation spot, give your hookah bowl a rest and use a fruit hookah bowl to spice things up! Create a whole new smoking experience by packing an apple, pineapple, orange, watermelon or any fruit you can think of. Exploit the fruit juices and choose a flavored tobacco from to complement them. Make your own fruity concoction right in the living room and take your vacation tonight!

Pineapple Hookah Bowl

How-To Fruit Hookah Bowls

A little more work than packing an Egyptian or phunnelhookah bowls but still surprisingly easy, fruit hookah bowls are a great flavor enhancer. Start with a fruit of your choice, anything from a kiwi, lemon, pear or those mentioned earlier and chop off the top. Make sure it’s flat so your coals don’t fall off. Next, scoop out the inside to shape it like a hookah bowl giving plenty of room for flavored tobacco. Remember to leave the walls thick as heat from the coals can melt the fruit and you don’t want it falling apart mid-session. Cut a hole through the bottom just big enough to set on your bowl grommets. Now pack it full of your favorite fruity shisha, cover it in foil and you’re ready to go!

Orange Fruit Hookah Bowl

Benefits of Fruit

Not only do you get unique fruity flavors, smoking out of a fruit hookah bowl will generally allow longer sessions as well. The juices saturate your tobacco keeping it moist longer and in turn, slowing down the rate at which it burns. The juices can also give your smoke a natural cooling effect creating a refreshing experience. Another benefit is the aroma. Warming up these fruit juices can put off a very pleasant smell throughout the session. Build your next bowl with a piece of fruit to see what all the hype is about. Discover your very own vacation with a fruit hookah bowl and flavored tobacco from

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