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Shisha Tobacco Flavor Combos V2

Shisha Tobacco Flavor Combos V2

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Plan of Attack

We are back with another rendition of creative shisha tobacco flavor combos! There are so many hookah tobacco flavors out there that it can be hard to choose. How can you settle on a tobacco brand or even a certain flavor when there are so many out there that you’ve never tried? Some you may not have even heard of. It’s good to have a plan in mind when searching for a new hookah flavor. Our favorite plan is to dig into our memory bank for tastes that we like in other aspects of life. Favorite cocktail mixes or smoothies and juices. Dessert flavors or enjoyable foods. Take those flavors and match them up with hookah tobacco blends. Sometimes you need to mix several blends to dial in the exact taste you are looking for. That’s how most of these creative mixes were thought up. Let’s dive in.

Shisha Tobacco Mixes with Popular Tobacco Brands

Fruity Smooth

Azure grow a pear and san diego sunset hookah tobacco A favorite of employees at Azure Hookah Tobacco, this mix of Grow A Pear and San Diego Sunset combines the fruits of pear and raspberry with a smooth horchata. The cinnamon and vanilla bring out a dessert flavor with tasty fruits. Both flavors are from Azure’s black tobacco line. Mix them 30% Grow A Pear and 70% San Diego Sunset for the best result.

Morning Tea

Azure Cosmos, Bermuda Mint and Royal Queen Hookah Tobacco A bit of a complicated blend but created by the owner of Azure Hookah Tobacco so you know it’s good. Mix Cosmos (Gold) 40%, Royal Queen (Black) 40% and Bermuda Mint (Gold) 20% for a fruity citrus tea with a hint of mint to really bring out the flavor profile.

Fruit Infused Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz Pirates Cave and Blueberry Grape Hookah Tobacco 50/50 Pirates Cave and Blueberry Grape from Starbuzz Tobacco creates a refreshing mix. Reminds me of a cold glass of water infused with a blend of citrus and blueberry with grape finished off by a little mint.

A Good Night Out

Starbuzz Orange and Margarita Freeze Hookah Tobacco One of the best margarita blends is lime and orange. Recreate that flavor with Margarita Freeze (Bold Line) and Orange from Starbuzz Hookah. A solid cocktail blend that is eerily similar to the real thing.

Who’s Baking?

Fumari Blueberry Muffin and French Vanilla Hookah Tobacco Fumari Hookah Tobacco has a very popular Blueberry Muffin flavor. When mixed with French Vanilla it rivals any bakery’s best. Blend 75% Blueberry Muffin and 25% French Vanilla for a very tasty hookah session.

Mmm Dessert Shisha Tobacco

Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill and Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco A creamy dessert blend from Fumari Hookah Tobacco. Thoughts of mint chocolate ice cream. 50/50 Spiced Chai and Mint Chocolate Chill right after dinner will hit the spot.

Sergeant of Chi-Town

Ugly Tobacco Sergeant Huckleberry and Chi-Town Breeze Hookah You can’t go wrong with chocolate and blueberry. Mix that with coconut and mint and you have something special. Using Ugly Hookah Tobacco, blend Sergeant Huckleberry and Cho-Town Breeze 50/50 to accomplish this flavor.

Spices and Cream

Trifecta Ruby and Vanilla Hookah Tobacco Vanilla and Ruby from Trifecta Hookah Tobacco combinecherry and red berry with cinnamon and vanilla. A beautifully blended dessert flavor with just the right kick of spice.

Create Your Own Shisha Tobacco Mix!

Use your imagination and the plethora of hookah tobacco flavors from to put together your own creative mixes. The options are endless.

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