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Hookah Myths & Common Mistakes - Hookah 101

Hookah Myths & Common Mistakes - Hookah 101

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Well Known Hookah Myths & Common Beginner Mistakes that Follow

With the growth in popularity of hookah smoking, new opinions and preferences on how to smoke are developing at an enormous rate. This can lead to ill-conceived information and myths. Experienced hookah enthusiasts know many of these hookah myths all too well. For beginner hookah smokers looking for help, instruction and advice may come from unreliable sources. These hookah misconceptions are sure to pop up causing confusion and common mistakes that veteran shishalogists know to avoid. To help, SouthSmoke wants to familiarize you with the most popular hookah myths and the common mistakes that follow.

The Most Popular Hookah Myths

Hookah myths are all over the internet these days. There always seems to be an unlikely way to make your smoking sessions better. More flavor and bigger clouds with just this one simple trick! SouthSmoke is here to bust these hookah myths.

Large Hookahs Are Better Than Small Hookahs

Simply put, the height of your hookah stem does not affect the smoke output from your pipe. If anything, the distance the smoke travels, means it will cool a bit more before reaching your hose. The way you pack shisha into your hookah bowl and how you manage the heat from hookah charcoal will determine the size of your clouds and amount of shisha flavor.

Milk in Your Base Means Bigger Clouds

Milk in your hookah base is more hassle than benefit. With milk, you may feel like pulling smoke from the hookah is more restricted because of the fat content and density of milk but that doesn’t mean thicker clouds. By using milk, you’re asking for issues with your pipe. Mold, bacteria, and just overall nastiness that doesn’t belong in your hookah. If you try it, clean everything thoroughly.

More Juice Equals More Flavor

Modern shisha blends tend to include more juice in each package. This juice is mostly made up of glycerin, honey or molasses which provides the large clouds we are all in search of and not the shisha flavor. These juices are also easy to burn and can create a harsh session if not packed or heated correctly. Just know more juice usually means bigger clouds, not more flavor.

More Heat Means More Smoke

More heat means burnt tobacco and a harsh smoking session. Placing more coals than needed on your hookah bowl will cause your shisha to burn prematurely, meaning short smokes. If you want short-lived clouds with a burnt taste and minimal flavor, by all means.

Ice in the Base Provides a Better Hookah Session

Placing ice in your hookah vase will cool the smoke and may provide a slightly smoother hookah session. This is really just a band aid for harsh smoke when shisha is packed improperly and heat isn’t managed correctly. Ice will also diminish the flavor of your shisha at the same time. To me, that doesn’t mean a better hookah session. I like to taste my hookah flavors.

Common Mistakes by Beginner Smokers

When just starting out with hookah smoking, mistakes are bound to happen. Many can be attributed to some of the hookah myths mentioned above and bad info from so-called experts. Here are a few to be aware of to help you in your shisha journey.

Using Too Many Coals

Directly connected to the myth about too much heat, using too many hookah coals is a frequent mistake that can be seen all over social media. Many believe more coals equals more clouds, but it really means burnt shisha. Use 3 coconut charcoal cubes to start and remove one if things get too hot. Flip, rotate and repeat throughout a session.

Using Improperly Lit Coconut Coals

It’s important to completely light coconut hookah charcoal. Smoking with unlit charcoal could mean that you are inhaling CO2 which isn’t great. If not fully lit, you may not be heating your shisha tobacco to optimum levels as well. Place coconut coals directly on an electric coil burner until each side is glowing red before placing on your bowl.

Starting with Dark Leaf Tobacco

Stick to lighter shisha tobacco when first starting out. Veteran hookah smokers have built up their tolerance to stronger shishas with more nicotine over time. These heavier blends may not be enjoyable to someone new to hookah. Brands like Starbuzz, Fumari, Mazaya Tobacco, and Al-Fakher are great for all levels of hookah smokers.

Carrying the Pipe by the Stem

Hookahs are expensive and nobody likes it when their prized possessions break. Caring for your hookah is important if you plan on smoking shisha in the future. Carry the pipe with one hand on the vase and the other gripping the stem. If you pick up the pipe with just the stem in hand, you risk the glass vase sliding off and shattering.

Debunking Hookah Myths - Learn More About Hookah in the SouthSmoke Smoking Guide

If you are looking for the best hookah sessions possible and to avoid these common hookah mistakes, check out the Smoking Guide section of! Everything from Hookah 101 for beginners to an Experts Guide for seasoned enthusiasts. Learn how to maintain your pipe, pack a bowl and even find local hookah lounges and bars. Your one stop shop for everything hookah,!

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