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Hookah Mix Ideas - Shisha Mix Recipes Volume 5

Hookah Mix Ideas - Shisha Mix Recipes Volume 5

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Mixing Hookah Flavors - Shisha Mix Recipes Vol. 5

  It’s that time again to share some of our favorite shisha mixes! Before we jump in, we want to be sure that you are confident with how to mix shisha. Just a quick reminderof the3most common methods usedto mix yourhookah tobacco flavors. Layering– If you decide to use this technique, put your most prominent flavor at the bottom of your bowl and then layer the other flavors on top one layer at a time. This will result in your flavor profilechanging a bit throughout your session. Side By Side –This technique works best with aphunnelbowl. Simply pack each flavor in its own section around your hookah bowl keeping in mind the percentages of each flavor as you pack. Premixed –This is considered by many to be the easiest way to mix hookah flavors.Measureout each flavor separately before mixing them all together in a bag or bowl. Once they are mixed, just pack your bowl as you normally would and you are ready to go! Now that we’ve covered the techniques, let’s talk mixes!

Banana Nut Bread – Azure Tobacco and TrifectaTobacco

I don’t know about you, but around here we can’t get enough baked goods during the holiday season! This mix will remind you of one of your favorite treats. Combine 40% Azure Gold Line Cinnamon Cookies, 40% TrifectaBonafide, and 20% Trifecta Peppermint Shake to experience this delicious mix.

Pineapple Lemon Muffin – Haze Tobacco and Azure Tobacco

Speaking of baked goods,here is anothermix that will satisfy your sweet tooth! This simple mix calls for 60% Haze Pineapple Krush and 40% Azure Lemon Pie. Lemon Pie is one of the best Azure Tobacco flavors out there, and mixing it with Haze Pineapple Krush gives an extra impact that will impress all of your friends.

OrangeCreamsicle– Al-Fakher Tobacco and Trifecta Tobacco

Who says you can’t crave a popsicle in the winter? This tasty mix will satisfy those cravings any time of year. Just mix 50% Al-Fakher Orange Mint, 30% Trifecta Peppermint Shake, and 20% Trifecta Vanilla. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Morning Mix – Trifecta Tobacco

If you’re looking for something a little stronger to start your morning off right, look no further. These Trifecta flavors are just what you need. Combine 70% Trifecta Dark Blend Earl Grey and 30% Trifecta Dark Blend Pulp Friction to experience this zesty tea mix!

Root Beer Float –StarbuzzTobacco and Trifecta Tobacco

This tasty mix always hits the spot. Mix 45%StarbuzzVintage Root Beer, 20%StarbuzzVintage Dark Vanilla, 20% Trifecta Dark Blend Peppermint Shake, and 15% Trifecta Dark Blend Spumoni. This blend ofStarbuzzShisha and Trifecta flavors will give you that smooth, sweet taste of a Root Beer Float while packing the extra punch that these dark blends are known for. Tell us what you think! Comment below to tell us which mix was your favorite. has all of the flavors listed above and many more, so stock up on your shisha flavors and create some mixes of your own. If you create something worth sharing, let us know! Your mix might be featured in the next volume of our shisha mix series!

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