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Hookah Mix Ideas - Shisha Mix Recipes Volume 4

Hookah Mix Ideas - Shisha Mix Recipes Volume 4

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Shisha Flavors Mean New Hookah Mix Ideas

There have been several recent releases of new shisha flavors from some of our favorite hookah brands. This means it’s time to get creative and come up with new hookah mix ideas using these new flavors. With Shisha Mix Recipes Volume 4, we focus on blends for the summer. It only seems right to create refreshing mixes to combat the summertime heat.

How to Mix Shisha – Hookah Mixing Techniques

Mixing shisha for the first time? Check out our recent SouthSmoke blog on how to mix shisha, here. For a quick recap, there are three main techniques to mix hookah flavors.

Layered Shisha Flavors

By layering the different shisha flavors, the flavor profile will slightly change throughout the session. Place your most prominent flavor at the bottom of the hookah bowl and then layer the other flavors one-by-one on top.

Side-By-Side Hookah Pack

Use the given ratios or percentages of each shisha flavor to pack each in its own section around the hookah bowl. This method works best with a phunnel bowl. You can control what flavor you taste most by moving your hookah charcoal above that flavor.

Premixed Shisha Flavors

The most consistent and easiest way to mix hookah flavors. Measure out each flavor profile before mixing it all together in a bag or bowl. Once all flavors are blended together, pack the concoction in your hookah bowl.

New Hookah Mix Ideas for Summer

Summer is hot. Cool down with these refreshing hookah mix ideas using the most popular shisha brands. You may have some of these shisha flavors already in your collection. But if not, check out to start creating. Fumari Tobacco Shisha Mix Jam Boozy with Strawberry Jam, Mojito Mojo and Watermelon

Fumari Tobacco – Jam Boozy

This shisha mix comes straight from our friends at Fumari! “A cool, summertime mix that is perfect for getting together with friends” – Taz Hashamee (Nimbus Hookah). Combine 50% of the new Strawberry Jam with 30% Mojito Mojo and 20% Watermelon for a sweet summertime cocktail blend. Enjoy with a bowl of watermelon slices for the most refreshing hookah session. Trifecta Tobacco Shisha Mix Summertime Tea with Earl Grey, Lychee, and Twice the Ice

Trifecta Tobacco – Summertime Tea

Start your mornings right with this fruity earl grey tea shisha mix using Trifecta Hookah Shisha. A well-balanced blend of soothing earl grey tea, a pop of tropical lychee fruit, and the cooling effect of Twice the Ice. This hookah blend uses a mix of dark leaf tobacco and blonde shisha for just the right hit of nicotine and bold shisha flavor. Mix 40% dark leaf Earl Grey, 40% dark leaf Lychee, and 20% blonde Twice the Ice. OverDozz and Starbuzz Tobacco Mix with Wild Night Out, Blueberry, and Coco Jumbo

OverDozz Hookah & Starbuzz Tobacco – OverDozz on Dessert

OverDozz Tobacco’s Wild Night Out is a hit and we think we found just the right fruit shisha flavors to mix with it. Pair the delicious lemon cheesecake flavor with blueberry, coconut, and lime to make a great dessert hookah mix. 40% OverDozz Wild Night Out, 30% Starbuzz Blueberry, and 30% Starbuzz Coco Jumbo. Al-Waha Tobacco Hookah Mix with Alibaba, Maramello, and Cali Twist

Al-Waha Tobacco – Ultimate Party Drink

Who doesn’t like a refreshing fruity cocktail on a hot summer day? This shisha mix brings together all kinds of fresh exotic fruits to create an explosion of fruit with each hit! A majority of peach and melon with tropical blends and a pineapple with cherry finisher. 40% Alibaba, 30% Maramello, and 30% Cali Twist. It also gives you a chance to try some of the latest Al-Waha Shisha flavors. Azure Tobacco Shisha Mix with MexiCola, Lime, and Alaskan Ice

Azure Tobacco – MexiCola with Lime

A recent release of beverage shisha flavors from Azure Hookah Tobacco made this shisha mix possible. We recommend using the Azure Black Line to really let the cola taste shine. 50% MexiCola, 30% Lime, and 20% Alaskan Ice. Try with a dinner plate of authentic Mexican tacos for a true south of the border hookah session! Mazaya Hookah Tobacco Mix with Rock A Pie, Ruby Crush, and Sweet Blue

Mazaya Tobacco – Sweet Ruby Rock A Pie

We used some of the most popular new Mazaya Shisha flavors to create a delicious blend of cooling fruity dessert. Well balanced with a mix of compatible fruit flavors and a bit of cream for a refreshing popsicle style dessert shisha blend. Mix 40% Rock A Pie, 30% Ruby Crush, and 30% Sweet Blue. Sweet, sour, creamy and cool. Perfect for summertime get-togethers.

Shisha Mix Ingredients at

If you plan on trying new shisha mixes, you’re going to need the ingredients. Find all of the hookah shisha you will ever need at This includes all of the latest and greatest flavors from Fumari, Azure, Mazaya, Al-Waha, and more! You can never have too many hookah flavors and mix combinations are endless. If you have hookah mix recipes that you would like featured in our shisha mix series be sure to comment or send it through social @southsmokecom on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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