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Hookah Flavor Mixes - Shisha Mix Recipes Volume 3

Hookah Flavor Mixes - Shisha Mix Recipes Volume 3

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Mixing Shisha Flavors - A New Year Resolution

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Did it involve smoking hookah? Something like trying new shisha flavors, growing your hookah bowl collection, or using less tobacco in each session? Here at SouthSmoke, we decided that our resolution for the New Year is to find the best hookah flavor mixes. Sometimes smoking the same shisha blends over and over gets a little old. Similar single note shishas or anything premixed with mint just may not do it anymore. We scoured the internet for popular shisha mix recipes with the latest hookah flavors in the game and also came up with some of our own. Get out your pen and notepad, you’ll want to save these for later.

How to Mix Shisha – Pairing Hookah Flavor Profiles

The best hookah flavor mixes come from an understanding of what flavor profiles pair well together. Think of it in the same way that your favorite desserts or drink recipes are put together. What flavors blend together to make that delicious fruity concoction you like to sip on? Or, the savory, sweet snack you like after meals? Something like fruit profiles would be great with pastry or chocolate flavors to make a dessert blend. Banana, pineapple, and lime mixes traditional fruit with citrus and tropical flavors like a nice drink on the beach. Vanilla, coffee shisha flavors, and your favorite berry-like blackberry could be a soothing, warm style drink mix. Get creative and use flavors that pair together in your experience to create something great!

The Best Hookah Flavor Mixes

After plenty of digging through the internet and way too much time experimenting and testing shisha mixes on our own, we bring you the SouthSmoke list of hookah mixes to start 2021. Many of these were pulled from hookah forums, Facebook groups, friends of friends’ Twitter accounts, and tested to confirm the deliciousness. Our most highly ranked shisha flavor mixes for your hookah mixology recipe book. Fumari tobacco shisha mix

Double Apple Pie – Fumari Tobacco

Who doesn’t love warm apple pie? Who doesn’t love Fumari Tobacco? Do these two things go hand in hand? They do now! Mix the OG shisha flavor, Double Apple at 30% with 30% Spiced Chai and 40% Fumari Lemon Loaf. The lemon loaf provides the pastry crust flavor while spiced chai adds the cinnamon and spice kick to plenty of apples in double apple. A delicious dessert shisha blend to try by the fireplace. Al-fakher Tobacco hookah flavor mixes

Coco, Peaches & Cream – Al-Fakher Tobacco

The blend of Al-Fakher Peach, a sweet white peach flavor, and AF Vanilla is great on its own. A classic peaches and cream blend made famous by that one song. Add in coconut and this shisha mix goes to another level! Premix with 40% Peach, 40% Coconut, and 20% Vanilla for just the right amount of sweetness. Adalya Shisha Tobacco flavor mix

A Plethora of Fruit – Adalya Tobacco

Love 66 from Adalya Shisha is a well-known blend that is growing in popularity. Already a mix of several fruit profiles including passion fruit, watermelon and melon, we thought it needed another kick. Add in the tartness of blueberry and citrus of orange with Adalya Blue Orange and just a little Ice to finish it off. Use 40% Love 66, 40% Blue Orange, and 20% Ice for a combination of some of Adalya Tobacco’s best shisha flavors. Azure Tobacco hookah flavor mix

Bermudian Royal Cello – Azure Tobacco

The definition of island drink mix. Citrus, raspberry, and strong mint for refreshment like no other. Azure Tobacco creates some of the strongest, most true to taste shisha blends on the market and this mix of those blends is an explosion of flavor. Combine 40% Royal Raspberry, 40% Limoncello, and 20% Bermuda Mint and relax with your toes in the sand. Trifecta Tobacco and OverDozz Shisha mix

The Ultimate Dessert – Trifecta Tobacco & OverDozz

This mix includes my two favorite shisha flavors at the moment, so it had to make the list. When you combine OverDozz 24 Karatine and Trifecta Peppermint Shake, big things are bound to happen. Add in OverDozz Wild Night Out and this shisha mix may end up in the hookah hall of fame. A bit hard to explain but the combination of banana with a cappuccino, lemon cheesecake, and peppermint milkshake just works. Trust me on this one. 40% Trifecta Peppermint Shake, 30% 24 Karatine, and 30% Wild Night Out.

Hookah Flavor Mixology with Shisha Flavors From

If you are looking to grow your shisha recipe cookbook and your hookah flavor collection in general, find all of these shisha flavors and many more at If you have hookah flavor mixes that you would like to recommend, leave them in the comments below. We are always on the lookout for new blends to try? Test some of these hookah mixes on your own and let us know what you think! Happy smoking!

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