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Hookah Charcoal Spotlight

Hookah Charcoal Spotlight

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Charcoals

If you are an avid hookah smoker then hookah charcoal is to you what sliced bread is to modern convenience. It’s simply a necessity to the hookah community and there is a massive selection available on the market today. There is quick lighting charcoal, semi quick lighting charcoal, and non-quick lighting hookah coals with a variety of materials used to manufacture them. How do you choose the right one? Haze Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Non-Quick Lighting Coals

Patience is required to create the perfect hookah session and charcoal is no exception to this rule. While quick lighting charcoals are a major convenience, non-quick lighting charcoals yield a premium experience compared to a quick light charcoal. We have a new brand in particular that is one of the top contenders in the market. Whether you are just delving into the world of non-quick lights or an avid user, Haze Hookah charcoal is the brand to check out going into the year 2016.

Coconut Hookah Charcoals

These coconut charcoals come 108 to a box. You’ll know you have a premium product the instant you see the box. These coals are packaged very well and it definitely shows that Haze has put a great deal of care into the craftsmanship of this product. Any user of non-quick lights will be familiar with the Coco Nara brand of charcoals and will also know that these are some of the best charcoals available on the market. The reason we want to make this point is because many avid smokers honestly enjoy Haze coconut charcoals better. These also burn a little cooler than Coco Nara, making them ideal for heat sensitive shisha. These coals have a very low ash rate as well and hold together throughout the session. Haze coconut charcoals are odorless, tasteless, and a fantastic selection among a huge variety of charcoals. Make the year 2016 the year you change your hookah experience forever. Go premium, go Haze, accept no substitutes. You’ll be glad you tried them!

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