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Hookah 101: What is Herbal Shisha?

Hookah 101: What is Herbal Shisha?

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Herbal Shisha 101

What is Herbal Shisha Blog Title SouthSmoke Bowl Charcoal Hookah As the activity of smoking hookah grows, new products are always being created to change or improve the experience. Herbal shisha is a product of this expansion so those new to hookah may be asking “what is herbal shisha?”. A common question as herbal hookah molasses isn’t the most popular option for hookah smokers. Simple answer, tobacco-free molasses shisha. A hookah smoking experience without the head rush or buzz, so why would someone choose to smoke tobacco-free hookah instead of regular hookah flavored tobacco? Some may not like the buzz or want something that may be a bit healthier. Some experienced smokers just like to try new things like brands or flavors. No matter the reason, the option of tobacco-free hookah is out there.

Does Herbal Hookah Have Nicotine?

Tobacco free hookah shisha khalil mamoon pipe blog southsmoke The main difference between herbal hookah and flavored tobacco would be the absence of nicotine because it is a non-tobacco hookah. The nicotine that accompanies tobacco is missing as well. Hookah smokers that love hookah but not the buzz will enjoy a nicotine-free hookah sessionlike they would get from herbal molasses. Being tobacco-free, herbal molasses is made from different ingredients than normal flavored tobacco likea combination of glycerin, honey, molasses, sugar cane, tea leaves, and flavoring juices. The glycerin allows for smoke clouds similar to a traditional hookah session and the flavors available, allow for a classic hookah experience as well!

Tobacco-Free Shisha Brands

Many companies are getting into the herbal shisha market as it becomes better known. Brands like Hydro Herbal Hookah, Fantasia Herbal Shisha and the famous Al-Fakher Herbal Shisha are available at SouthSmoke! Each carries its own versions of tobacco-free hookah with a ton of great herbal hookah flavors to choose from. Let’s highlight some of the top flavors from each! Hydro Herbal Shisha Tobacco Free Hookah Blog Southsmoke

Hydro Herbal Shisha

Hydro is becoming a big name in hookah and for good reason. Using high-quality, exotic herbs they are dedicated to bringing you flavors that will rock your taste buds. Herbal molasses flavors to try are lemon-lime “Citrus Twist”, their version of double apple named “Les Deux” and “After Dark”, a quality peppermint. Fantasia Herbal Shisha Tobacco Free Hookah Blog SouthSmoke

Fantasia Herbal Hookah

Fantasia is a company known for its great flavored tobacco, but they’ve taken a stab at tobacco-free hookah in the recent past. All-natural ingredients bring great-tasting herbal hookah sessions like “Surfer”, a coconut rum with pineapple mix or “Magic Dragon” which consists of blueberry and mint. Really get crazy with “Adios M@#%+&!”, a Brazilian curacao fruit with citrus!

Al-Fakher Herbal Shisha

Al-Fakher is one of the most famous traditional hookah manufacturers in the world, because of this, you know their herbal shisha will be great as well. They are well known for smooth, long-lasting hookah flavors and their tobacco-free shisha is no different. Honestly, any of the classic Al-Fakher flavors will do. Double Apple, Grape, Fresh Mint or Lemon are all can’t miss. Try it out for yourself, it may be your new favorite way to smoke hookah! Find all of these wonderful brands of herbal hookah molasses right now at!

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