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Herbal Shisha vs Shisha Tobacco: What's the Difference?

Herbal Shisha vs Shisha Tobacco: What's the Difference?

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Herbal Shisha vs Shisha Tobacco

In the world of shisha, there are two main categories: herbal shisha, also known as herbal molasses, and traditional flavored shisha tobacco. What makes the two different? That's what we're here to reveal.

Herbal Shisha, AKA Herbal Molasses

With the notable growth of shisha consumption and the world moving in a more “health conscious” direction, the hookah market continues to develop a wider variety of products. Many hookah smokers are now turning towards herbal shisha for something new.

How is Herbal Shisha Different from Flavored Tobacco?

Herbal shisha is made from sugarcane and tea leaves, which are then mixed with sweet honey, molasses and flavoring at the end of the process. One major difference between tobacco and herbal shisha is the feeling you get when you smoke. Since herbal shisha doesn't contain nicotine, it doesn't give you "the buzz". In addition to its rich flavor, herbal molasses produces those giant shisha clouds we all chase. Due to the fact that herbal molasses contains no nicotine, it appeals to hookah smokers who are seeking a longer, cleaner, and tastier session. If you'd like to elevate to an even cleaner smoking experience, we recommend pairing your herbal shisha with natural coconut charcoals. Generally, herbal molasses is preferred by two types of people: those who enjoy the taste and those who believe it is healthier than shisha tobacco. Herbal shisha is a safer alternative to tobacco products in many cases but most significantly it is less toxic.

Fantasia and Hydro Herbal Shisha

Herbal shisha is dominated by two brands: Fantasia and Hydro Herbal. Both brands have a variety of flavors and blends to choose from that are 100% free of nicotine and tobacco. If you like a fruity hookah flavors, try Fantasia's Rainbow burst. Rainbow burst tastes like a handful of those colorful candies with the white "S" we all know. But if you prefer something cool and minty with your fruity flavor, definitely try Arctic Lychee by Hydro Herbal. Herbal Molasses Shisha on a table with Man smoking hookah in Neon Pink Environment

Shisha Tobacco

As we already know, shisha tobaccocontains nicotine. Shisha is a precise combination of tobacco mixed in molasses with added flavors. Because it contains nicotine, traditional hookah shisha gives you a slight head buzz. Depending on the brand and line, nicotine levels vary. For example, Azure Tobacco offers two different lines: Gold Line, and Black Line for a bolder and stronger tobacco. Please be aware that if this is your first-time smoking hookah tobacco, you should go easy and you may experience the following symptoms:
  • Light headed
  • A slight "buzz"
  • Headache

Shisha Brands We Love

With a high demand for tobacco, brands like Fumari, Al-Fakher, Starbuzz and Mazaya are constantly coming out with innovative flavors and unique blends. There are so many mouthwatering flavors to choose from to enhance and experience the ultimate hookah session. Some new hookah flavors we love are Al-Fakher's Magic Love and Lucid Dream. Fumari also has a new flavor that is hitting our shelves soon called "Fakh N' Mint". These are 3 new shisha flavors you must try! A variety of Tobacco Shisha Flavors with A Female Smoking Hookah in a Neon Green Environment


In conclusion, herbal shisha is the perfect alternative for those who enjoy flavor, but don't want to experience nicotine's buzz. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and trial and error tasting different brands and shisha flavors. Although many people claim herbal molasses is a “healthier” smoke, we at do not endorse or enforce this claim and it is up to the consumer to make their own decisions regarding their health. All herbal molasses and shisha tobacco mentioned in this blog post (and so much more) are available online at If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-577-6653. We have experienced hookah smokers available to answer any and all your questions you may have!

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