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Herbal Shisha and The Flavors Of Spring

Herbal Shisha and The Flavors Of Spring

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Spring is here, even if we cannot see it outside. If you are living under the snow, still, but want to invite the Spring season why not try some flavored Herbal Shisha? The herbal shisha has no tobacco, and some brands are even organic. They're only full of flavor not nicotine.

Spring Inspired Shisha Flavors

No matter the weather where you are, you can enjoy the seasonal and floral flavors of Spring with our lines of herbal shisha.

Roses - The light scent of roses are one of the sure signs that Spring is certainly here. Two of our herbal shisha lines, Al-Fakher and Hydro Herbal, both carry their own versions of Rose flavors.

The Al-Fakher Rose is flavored with the essence of petals. And while you may know Al-fakher for their tobacco, this Premium Herbal Molasses Shisha is 100% Tobacco Free, Nicotine Free, and Tar Free. The herbal shisha is not as juicy as their traditional line of hookah tobacco, this herbal shisha is still juicy and needs to be mixed each time you use it in order to distribute the flavors equally.

Hydro Herbal Herbal Molasses Flower Power (Sweet Rose) is 100% Tobacco Free, Nicotine Free, and Tar Free, offering only the finest organic herbs and flavoring available for your enjoyment. Their flavors are bold and have an herbal look to them like needled instead of leaves with a reddish hue.

Strawberry - One of the first fruits of the season, strawberries a sure sign Winter is leaving. Hydro Herbal offers Red Lightning as an organic strawberry flavor option. And Al-Fakher has their own Herbal Molasses Strawberry that is quick to smoke.

Lime - The last flavor for Spring is Lime. Fantasia Cuban Mojito brings together lime for spring and a fresh hint of mint. Fantasia Premium Herbal Molasses is 100% Tobacco Free, Nicotine Free, and Tar Free, offering only the finest organic herbs and flavoring. Leave any thoughts of snow behind when you enjoy this lime kissed herbal molasses.

No matter what your desire, there is sure to be an Herbal Molasses that will bring spring to your smoking sesh. And if you're looking for tobacco flavors see our suggestions forSpring Flavored Hookah Tobacco Suggestions.

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