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Heba Diffuser How-To and Review

Heba Diffuser How-To and Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

How to use a Heba Diffuser

Many people often wonder about a diffuser for their hookah and what does it actually do? Does it produce more bubbles? Does it filter out nicotine? Does it offer a smoother smoke? Does it make it harder to pull? We're going to dive into what a Heba diffuser is really used for and describe the advantages and disadvantages.

What does a Heba Diffuser Do?

In a nutshell a Heba diffuser makes lots of small bubbles, but why is this important? Smaller bubbles offer a greater surface area when they come in contact with the water. This influx of surface area mildly cools the smoke for a smoother hit. The increase in bubbles exposes more filterable particulate to the filtering agent, a.k.a. the water in the base, thus drawing in more of the cooler temperature of the water and less of the hotter smoke. It is true that a Heba diffuser will alter the pull of the hookah. Some hookah smokers say it makes no difference and some believe it makes the pull a little tighter. Either way, there is not enough alteration to the pull to make using a Heba diffuser a negative.
Heba Diffuser There has been an argument over whether or not a Heba diffuser will filter out any nicotine and unfortunately, there has not yet been any significant data to prove that it does or does not. However, if you are smoking tobacco with nicotine in won't make much of a difference. We have consistently found that the main benefit of the Heba diffuser is a reduction in the volume of the hookah. Spreading the smoke out into thousands of little bubbles helps to dilute the big gargle of the hookah. The Heba diffuser can come in handy when watching movies or having a discussion with people while still participating in a hookah smoking session. Being able to make a hookah quieter can help with a number of different occasions. The Heba diffuser will fit most Mya Hookahs, and Modern Hookahs. Some Egyptian Hookahs and Rotating Hookahs have a "nut" on the end of the downstem, which you can make the diffuser fit by cutting a small slit in the rubber with a razor blade. There are also hookah smokers that will argue that a Heba diffuser will increase the size of the clouds you can build. After testing it out, we did come to the conclusion that the Heba diffuser is great for quieting your hookah and the thousands of bubbles forming has somewhat of a relaxing hypnotic affect that is worth giving it a try. Find your Heba diffuser on the SouthSmoke site or give us a call at 1-888-577-6653!

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