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Haze What? Haze Pacoca!

Haze What? Haze Pacoca!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Pacoca Flavor Shisha from Haze

Haze Tobacco is back at it again with a brand new flavor that is new to the Shisha marketplace, Pacoca. If you're not sure how to pronouce this flavor, just say PA-SOKA. If you've never heard of Pacoca, you're not alone. This is a flavor made specifically for the Brazilian market by popular demand in the South America Hookah world.

What is Pacoca?

Pacoca is a Brazilian candy that is made out of sugar, salt, and of course ground peanuts. This is a very unique earthly flavor that offers a nice creamy texture of peanuts. The flavor is not too sweet and is on point with smokers looking for a nice unique flavor that is not sweet, tart, or sour. Haze Tobacco If you're looking for honey roasted peanuts, maybe Haze will come up with this flavor in the future but Haze Pacoca's are just regular ground peanuts. Now smoking peanuts may not be the first thought on your mind or even on your top flavor list but we guarantee you that this shisha flavor is definitely worth a try. Today, we're using- When packing Haze Pacoca, use a nice fluff pack and don't be afraid to pack your bowl above the rim as Haze always recommends the over pack method with their shisha brand.

Pacoca Haze Tobacco Taste Review

If you're all about trying new flavors then this is the one flavor to check out. While smoking this flavor, one may think or compare it to almond milk but with a much more nutty taste. This flavor is not overpowering but just a nice decent flavor that you may enjoy with a nice hot beverage. You'll notice that the flavor will become more potent after about 15 minutes of smoking. This fall while you're enjoying watching the leaves fall, pick up a can of Haze Pacoca at, available in the 50g, 100g, or 250g tin can.

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