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Haze Hookah Shisha - What a Mint! - Flavor Review

Haze Hookah Shisha - What a Mint! - Flavor Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Haze Tobacco: New Premium Flavor

Haze Tobacco is all the rage right now since it is fully back on the market in the states once again. We’ve talked about the three new flavors and brand new cube coals already, but I think it’s time to show a little love to some old favorites as well. It’s no secret that I enjoy vanilla flavors and Haze’s What-a-Mint is perfect for any of you guys who are fans as well. Don’t get it twisted though; this isn’t your average dessert flavored tobacco. As the name suggests, What-a mint is powerful in the mint department, so it also fits in perfectly for all the mint heads out there. RELATED :How to Mix Haze Hookah Tobacco Flavors

What a Mint! Flavor Review

Haze What-a-mint stands out from other predominately mint flavors because the vanilla holds its own against the strength of the mint. Even in the smell, you can recognize the creamy vanilla notes shining through the mint base. This balance transfers over to the taste very well. You get a strong and potent mint reminiscent of a peppermint candy on the inhale and a smooth and creamy sweet vanilla on the exhale that isn’t drowned out by the dominant flavor profile. It’s a fantastic flavor blend all on its own but what makes it even better is how well it mixes with other flavors as well.

What is Haze Flavored Tobacco Like To Smoke?

Haze Hookah Tobacco is a natural brown, undyed flavored tobacco that has a fair amount of juice though not an overwhelming ratio of it. The cut is medium choppy and works well in all types of hookah bowls though my preference is a phunnel bowl due to the suggested packing method. Pack it at a fluff state above the rim and push down until it is level with it resulting in a pack somewhere between normal and semi-dense. Haze is a beast in the heat department so don’t be shy with your hookah coals if you want those thunder clouds. What-a-Mint and all the Haze flavors are available on in 100g and 250g jars.

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