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Haze Tobacco Shipment - Haze Ohh-Chata Shisha Review

Haze Tobacco Shipment - Haze Ohh-Chata Shisha Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Best Haze Shisha Flavors are Back at

Hookah smokers around the world have been craving for their fix of Haze Tobacco shisha flavors. Longing for the popular hookah blends that have been difficult to come across due to COVID and the accompanying production and shipping issues affecting many shisha manufacturers. Believe me, we have all missed the exquisite Haze Hookah flavors like Haze Ultimint, Frozen Lakes, and Pearlicious. Certain shisha flavors that cannot be replaced. We at SouthSmoke are excited to let you know that those delicious Haze tastes are all back in stock at so get them while you can! As the sole U.S. distributor of Haze Tobacco, you can be sure to find all of your favorite flavors in every tobacco size once again. Pick up Haze Tobacco in 100g, 250g, and 1 kilo tobacco tubs now before they sell out again!

Haze Hookah Tobacco – Simply the Best

A cult classic hookah shisha brand, Haze Tobacco is loved by many hookah enthusiasts. Known for a variety of chilling mint flavors, in-your-face, bold fruit shisha, and creative worldly blends, Haze produces long-lasting flavors and huge clouds. Continuous releases of new hookah flavors have hookah smokers coming back in waves. Simply the Best shisha tobacco created using premium natural ingredients and flavoring juices. Expect top-notch shisha smoking sessions with each pack of Haze Tobacco in your hookah bowl and test out some of the favorite Haze blends with your next shisha purchase from SouthSmoke. Haze Ohh-Chata Shisha Review

Classic Favorites from Haze Tobacco

Let’s freshen up on some of the most popular Haze Hookah flavors from years past. Can’t miss blends that have only gotten better with time. What-A-Mint may be the biggest name from the Haze lineup. The go-to mint flavor for a cooling shisha session or for the perfect hookah mix platform. Ask hookah enthusiasts what mint shisha they prefer and many will only give you one answer, Haze What-A-Mint. Oh Boy Explosion is another shisha flavor that we highly recommend. Haze Hookah always puts their own unique spin on hookah blends and this peach flavor doesn’t disappoint. Sweet southern peach with a little spice and spearmint undertones. An explosive mix of fruity, spicy and cooling menthol. Last but not least, Haze Frozen Lakes. A flavor in the Haze Hookah hall of fame. A creative blend of refreshing watermelon and tart raspberry. An aguas frescas or cold, fruity beverage.

New Shisha Flavor Review – Haze Ohh-Chata

What does horchata taste like? Horchata is a flavorful rice milk beverage that is sweet and creamy and flavored with additions like the sweetness of sugar and vanilla. The drink has a thick smooth texture and a taste similar to rice pudding topped off with savory cinnamon. The sweetness level of each horchata drink depends on how much sugar and vanilla are used. Nuts can also be added to horchata, which gives the drink an earthier flavor. Now imagine that flavor in loamy clouds of hookah shisha smoke. A smooth taste of the cinnamon-y, creamy delicious beverage. Haze Tobacco has perfected this blend in flavored tobacco form with Haze Ohh-Chata. A solid dessert shisha flavor for any occasion. Silky smooth, savory and sweet, Ohh-Chata deserves to be in your next hookah bowl.

Shop All Haze Tobacco Hookah Flavors at

Once again, and maybe for a short time as Haze seems to sell out quickly, all Haze Tobacco shisha flavors are available at the online hookah store of Find your favorite Haze Hookah blends like the aforementioned flavors in all tobacco sizes right now at SouthSmoke so fill your hookah shopping cart before it’s too late! Revel in the delicious, creative blends from Haze Shisha while you still can.

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