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Haze Tobacco Flavored Shisha - Chocolate Ice Review

Haze Tobacco Flavored Shisha - Chocolate Ice Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Haze Flavored Shisha Tobacco Review

How does Haze Chocolate Ice Flavored Tobacco stack up against the competition? Chocolate Ice flavored shisha is one of the older Haze Hookah Tobacco flavors. This flavor is Haze's take on a chocolate mint blend. Chocolate Ice, like most Haze hookah tobacco flavors has a lot of juice, ensuring big white puffy clouds. This tobacco smells of a delectable sweet dark chocolate with the coolness of mint. We packed this tobacco by the haze method into a phunnel bowl. This is our personal preference but you can use whatever hookah bowl you prefer.Pack this shisha in your bowl after dinner and it is sure to satisfy like your favorite dessert.

Chocolate Ice Flavored Hookah Shisha Taste

Upon the first puff this flavor packs a lot of sweetness. It tastes like a very dark chocolate that is cooled from the mint. This flavor is more balanced than most other mint chocolate flavors on the market. The mint doesn't overpower the chocolate and it is pure bliss. When it comes to the aftertaste your mouth becomes coated with chocolate and you can even taste it on your lips. You get fantastic cloud output throughout the session and the flavor doesn't diminish until the session is over. We usually get an hour plus out of Haze. We at really enjoy this flavor and will be definitely adding it to our personal shisha cabinets. We recommend this flavor to all hookah smokers that enjoy chocolate mint shisha or any other dessert type flavors. Mix this flavor with a little bit of Haze What-A-Mint, about 20 percent or less, for a smoke similar to Almond Joy with mint. Overall, Haze did a great job with this fantastic flavor mix. Pick up this flavor today at Have you tried the Haze Tobacco Chocolate Ice Flavor? Let us know what you thought on social - Tag us on IG or Twitter! #SouthSmokeCom

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